Is It Worth Getting A Deadlock?

Deadlocks are specialised locking devices that are recommended by a high number of reputable emergency locksmith businesses in Adelaide. Essentially, these are an additional layer of security to prevent intruders from entering your home. They are considered to be far stronger than regular locks that are installed on older properties.

A deadbolt is different to a spring bolt in that it cannot be opened without turning the locking mechanism using the correct key. A spring bolt can sometimes be applied with force, and this will cause the spring to retract and allow entry, even without the correct key. It terms of forced break and entry, it is clear that a dead lock or dead bolt as they are sometimes called, is much safer.

There are two types of dead locks. A single barrelled dead lock has the cylinder lock on the outside and a knob with no lock on the inside. It means that you don’t need a key to unlock it from the inside, and instead just turn the knob and push. By contrast, a double barrel lock will have the key lock on both sides. When you have locked the door from outside, then it cannot be opened from inside without a key. This latter type is considered safer. What often happens is that a burglar will break in through an awkward entry point, such as a window. Once inside, they could just turn the handle of a single barrelled lock and open the front door, which gives them a larger space through which they can steal larger items.

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The deadlock should only be locked when no one is home. If it is locked when there is someone home, and it is the safer, double barrelled type, then any one indoors who needs to get out will have to find the key and unlock it. This violates health and safety regulation, as if there is a fire you need to be able to evacuate the premises as quickly and safely as possible. For this reason, double barrelled deadlocks are the better option but every member of the family should be educated in their proper use. For locking the door when people are inside, only a standard lock should be used, with the key in the door.

Still not convinced that installing a deadbolt is worth your while? Your insurance company may make a compelling argument. Because deadbolts are widely accepted as a significant improvement to your home security, they are a big favourite of insurance companies. In their eyes, clients who have a home that is better protected, are less of a risk to them. You probably won’t be a target for burglars, and they probably won’t have to pay out money to you. They will reward you for this as it benefits them. Speak to your provider about their premiums for deadlocked properties and you may be surprised. Furthermore, some policies insist on deadlocked doors and windows in order for it to be valid.

Not all deadbolts were made equal, and so it is worth getting to know the best features. Ideally your bolt will be made from hardened steel, extends into the jam-hole, and is reinforced with a metal strike plate, fitted with 3inch screws. The biggest threat to your deadbolt is someone actually prying out the entire device from your door if it is poorly installed. You need to find a trusted installation company that will be able to offer honest advice about good brands and types of products for your situation. Please speak with the Friendly Emergency Locksmith Team in Adelaide at Knight Locksmiths.


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