Fantastic uses for Carports in Adelaide

When you think of carports, you would typically use them for storing vehicles in cities such as Adelaide. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are heaps of other uses for a carport, and if you have one already, you could be underutilising it. Here are some fantastic and creative ways you can utilise home carports in Adelaide.

Create more living space

Whether you need more storage, another bedroom, somewhere to study, or somewhere to relax, a carport can be easily and cheaply renovated to create whatever type of living space you need or desire.

Let me entertain you

If you don’t have a veranda or deck for entertaining, a carport is a great place to have a party or barbeque. There is plenty of space for people to relax around tables and as it’s outside, clean-up becomes a breeze.

Shelter for your furry or feathery friends

If you have quite a few pets, carports make a handy place to house your animals. You can store cages, dog houses, or even turn the space into a chook pen. If you are on a larger property, carports can be used as shade for cattle, sheep and horses.

Extra storage space

Our homes can get a bit cluttered indoors, so store your items outside in your carport. You can easily get organised with shelving and hooks to keep everything neat and tidy. Carports in Adelaide are also a great space to store bikes, machinery, and gardening tools. If you are worried about storing your items outside, you can enclose the carport for extra security.

Carports Adelaide

Get Fit

If your resolution is to get fit every year, it’s time to set up your own gym in your carport. By creating your own gym, you might become more motivated by working out in your own home, and exercising outdoors will give you plenty of fresh air.

Throw some shade

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, spa, or children’s play equipment, a carport will supply much needed shade and protection from the elements such as UV rays, rain, and hail.

Let the kids play

If you are tired of your kids making a mess inside, and you don’t have a toy room, let them play in your carport. They can play games, set up a puzzle, play dress ups, draw and paint. Anything your kids can use their imaginations for, carports are a great place for fuss free play and easy clean-up.

Grow in a modern greenhouse

Acarport is a great place to create a greenhouse. A greenhouse will extend the growing life of your favourite flowers, fruits and vegetables, and a carports frame work is ideal for growing vines.

As you can see, there are so many fantastic uses for carports in Adelaide. If you haven’t got a carport at your Adelaide home just yet, then be sure to speak with Pergolarific. Pergolarific are experts in pergolas and carports throughout Adelaide, so to learn more visit or phone (08) 8392 0419.


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