Don’t Even Think About Switching to a PC

Has your Mac crashed? Are you tossing up the idea of just buying a cheaper alternative brand instead of forking out to have your Mac fixed or replaced? Resist the urge and instead just opt for reliable Mac support assistance in Melbourne.

In the heat of the moment, you can decide that you’re fed up with your Mac and just decide to go for something generic and cheap. The thing is, going from a Mac to an HP for example is like washing down a fine aged wine with something poured from a cask. When you use a Mac for so long, you begin to take for granted all of the fabulous features and smooth experience design that make it such an overwhelmingly popular product.

Perhaps the first thing that you will notice is the general appearance. A Mac has that indescribable chic allure that almost makes you want to open it up and do your work every day. Open up a competitor’s machine and you will find the hinges stiff and the keypad clunky from the get go. You will also have to get used to pressing harder on the keys, after becoming used to the feather light touch needed to type on a Mac. Macs in general are far faster at launching and rebooting, however if you Mac crashed then it is highly likely that it wasn’t in peak shape anyways, so you might not notice this change. If you’re a creative, then the resolution of a Mac does not compare to anything else on the market. Non-creatives will notice a slight difference, but it’s not the end of the world.

Mac Support Melbourne

One interesting difference is that the software that comes with a Mac is actually helpful and decent. All those free programs that come with a PC are completely useless and just clog up the works. Mac’s UX design is one of the best of any product, and a big part of this is being intuitive even to non-Mac users. If you don’t know how to find something, a lot of the time you can follow your logical train of thought. Besides, if you can’t, then there is an endless supply of help in forums and online sites. If you’re used to googling any slight issue, knowing that there will be millions of research results waiting to offer you the solution, then making the switch to a lesser known computer can be a bit of a shock.

One of the most common complaints that users have after their Mac experiences difficulty is the cost involved. Mac is a high end system, and one of Apple’s pride and joys. It is one of their most successful and profitable ventures and so they guard it closely. They limit supply of parts and components so that they have a monopoly and can charge what they like. However, that being said, more and more independent stores for repairs and parts are popping up all over the place. If you are prepared to shop around until you find a dependable and competitive retailer, then the cost of repair is not nearly as noticeable. Macs have been reported to have overheating issues more commonly than other laptops. However, this is only going to be an issue if you let it be an issue. Take a few extra precautions such as keeping room on your hard drive and turning off your computer regularly are going to make the job of the fan that much easier. For more Handy Mac Support Tips in Melbourne, chat to the gurus at Mac Zen.


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