Channel Inspiration and Creativity with The Right Desk in Your Office

Look forward to going to work on Monday morning when your space is equipped with some of the latest Adelaide office furniture. If you’re looking for that piece to brighten up a dreary space, then consider a brand new desk to be the center point of your office.Office Furniture Adelaide

Perhaps the most immediately important function of a desk is to prove a large space at the correct height. Very often business executives opt for a large glass topped or leather accented desk to assert their power, however this can be a dangerous choice. When you have space to burn, more often than not you will tend to fill it up with clutter. That minimalist look that you have in your mind might not be how it goes down in reality. Instead, choose the size that you actually need and will best fit your office, not just the size that you think will look impressive. Keep in mind that the desktop itself should be exclusively for a computer, perhaps a phone, some stationery and maybe an in/out document tray. Any extra items just create clutter and that is how things start to go missing. Utilise your drawers for any other storage.

Choose your drawers wisely. Often people put very little thought into this feature, only to have to endure years of annoyances because of it. In particular, look out for drawers which are not supported on separate shelves. With no dividers between them, you possessions will spill over, get snagged, and just be a general nuisance. Another complaint comes in the form of sharp drawer corners or handles that scratch or catch clothing as you walk past. Newer, non-timber desks make great use of soft close drawers which eliminate the risk of finger injuries.

More modern desks are equipped with all sorts of fancy features designed to make your working life easier. You can now buy desks with power points, USB cables and phone chargers all included in the design. Others have a lattice like frame attached to the back which can keep your cables separated and neat. If space is an issue, there are options that fold away, or have a dual purpose meaning that you can get rid of another item of furniture in the room and free up some space.

Offices with larger numbers of staff may not give every employee their own office. Certain office designs may divide space into cubicles via partitioning. Unfortunately, this has the tendency to feel cramped and claustrophobic, which is why many offices prefer a more open plan approach. There are plenty of flexible desk section sets on the market that allow you to mix and match as you please. You can play around with the space you have, and easily accommodate for more staff as they come on board. These are also a clever choice for businesses which regularly change office locations. Buying expensive furniture which quickly depreciates to nothing is not a sustainable model. This system can follow you and adapt to any space.

Choosing the right desk for your office and your employees is about more than just what looks good. Put the thought into the decision that it deserves and you will be rewarded with a comfortable and functional workplace that serves you well for years. Consult the expertise of a reputable furniture supplier for advice on the ideal dimensions and features to look for in a good desk. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Furniture Access team to learn more about our popular Adelaide office furniture pieces.


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