The Dangers of DIY Roofing Work

More and more people are thinking about ways of adding value to their homes. As house prices continue to rise at an incredible rate, we all want to get the best possible place when it comes time to sell, so that we can secure a great new place. In times of economic hardship, some are turning towards totally amateur roof replacement in Melbourne in an attempt to cut costs. Unfortunately, this is not worth the risk and causes far more harm than good. Others may want to work on their own roof for the satisfaction of it, but unless you are qualified and experienced in this field, then it is not a wise choice. Instead of achievement, you will look at your dishevelled roof with regret and disappointment.

No doubt the most immediate risk is to safety. On a single story house, the roof is at least two metres from the ground. It is not a flat surface that can be walked on like the ground. Depending on the style of your house, you may have any number of angled surfaces to navigate. And slipping is not like slipping on the pavement, where you can correct yourself. Up there, there is little to grab on to, gravity pulls you down the slope, and there is a long way to fall. Several roofing types can also be quite slippery, to add further to the problem. The internet is filled with all sorts of information, from how to repair a cracked tile to safety guidelines, and so readers become convinced that they are armed with the knowledge to perform the task safely. The truth is, you have no idea who wrote those articles, and ‘knowledge’ is no substitute for hands on experience.


Not only do you risk your personal safety, but your inexperience risks doing damage to the house itself. For example, while slate roofs are considered very durable, one of the main causes of breaking tiles is being incorrectly walked upon by tradespeople. So many DIY jobs will only show their problems later down the track. Tiled roofs very often let in water when they have not been properly fitted. This means that over time, moisture will seep into your roof space and rot away the beams. Once the roof is compromised, all of your possessions, and the general house structure, are too. As well as water, you are also putting your insulation at risk. With a long term investment such as a roof, and knowing the serious savings the right choices can have for your energy bills, this is not something that you want to get wrong.

One thing that many DIY-ers completely forget about is thinking about a time frame. If you have never picked up a tool in your life, then you most likely have a very inaccurate picture of how long this job is going to take. Whatever your estimate is, times that by at least two. It may be a lot longer, depending on how you work and what standard you perform to. An efficient professional will do the job in under a week. It might take you a month of hard work as you make mistakes in the learning process and then have to correct them. On top of this, the calibre of the job you do will be very low, and you might find after a few years you just bite the bullet and call in a professional to redo it. Weather delays will also be your worst enemy.

Do it right the first time and you will not regret it. Contact Coghlan Roofing  for more information on their Diligent Roof Replacement Process in Melbourne.


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