Stair Safety in Homes With Young Children

When looking for that new family home, many couples shy away from two storey properties. Their logic follows that uneven surfaces and staircases in particular are going to be a risk to their children’s safety when they begin to crawl and walk. Fortunately, with the right balustrades installed in Adelaide, this no longer needs to be a concern.

Two storey homes offer some huge benefits for expectant young families. They can offer more space on a smaller block of land, which directly translates to a cheaper price tag. By building up instead of out, owners can leave some valuable space for the backyard Australian Dream. From throwing the footy to building a treehouse, this is an essential part of any Australian upbringing. Families should not be intimidated and compromise this fantastic lifestyle all because of a staircase.

Stairs in your home are safe if they are fitted with the right accessories. Most importantly is a suitable balustrade, if the staircase only has a wall on one side. There are strict building code regulations to be followed in terms of the height of the balustrade. Too low, and accidents could happen where someone trips or leans too far over. If the balustrade is too high, then there is nothing for someone to grab a hold of as they go up and down, or to grab if they were to slip. If the balustrade is above the standard waist height, then it needs to be fitted with a bannister for this purpose.

Balustrades Adelaide

Of course, families with young children are primarily worried about their tots reaching the stairs in the first place. In this instance, safety gates are a must. These simple features are very easy to install and are of course entirely effective at preventing curious toddlers from accessing the staircase. Furthermore, they are so simple for adults to open that it is not at all an inconvenience, and a small price to pay for the benefits of a larger, two storey home. There are several important features to note when having safety gates installed or purchasing them and installing yourself. First and most obviously, they need to be fitted with a child safety lock which is out of reach of children. They also need to have bars or a grid structure that will not allow babies to climb through. Holes should also not be large enough for limbs and heads to become stuck.

One lesser known feature is that gates need to be backward opening, so that an adult needs to pull it towards themselves. If it is forward opening and for some reason the gate has failed to latch or there is something caught in it, a child can push through. It is less intuitive to a child to pull. This brings us to the next obvious point, which is that the gate should be fitted with a spring latch that automatically closes. Parents have a million things on their mind, and in the rush to get to work it is entirely possible that we might forget to double check the gate is latched. It is always wise to have a safety net with these things when the stakes are so high.

Every parent knows that the most reliable way to prevent accidents is to pay close attention to your little ones. Unfortunately, we cannot keep an eye on them every second of the day, and that is when it is important to have the most dependable safety features installed in your home. Please get in touch with Fencing World to chat about Important Balustrades Regulations in Adelaide.

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