Household Repairs You Shouldn’t DIY in Williamstown

If you’re handy around the house with tools, it’s tempting to just to do it yourself right? You may save yourself the expense of calling in a professional, nonetheless there are a range of jobs that could cost you more in the long run if not done right, or even cost you your life. Here are a range of household repairs where you should definitely call a qualified professional such as a plumber, builder or electrician in Williamstown, and not DIY.

Before you patch up your pipes, call a plumber

If you have a leak, it can be simple to replace the washer in the tap or tighten it with a wrench yourself. However, by doing so you could potentially create a bigger plumbing problem. Many people believe that over the counter solutions can fix all their plumbing problems, yet even something as simple as trying to unclog a toilet can end up a disaster. For starters, over the counter drain cleaners can be caustic to your health; and unclogging tools like an auger can cause further, and much more expensive damage to your toilet and pipes in untrained hands. You also run the risk of the problem actually being further down the pipes then what you might realise. If the blockage is something such as tree roots or cracked pipes, you will definitely need to call a professional plumber.

Don’t try and be a bright spark, call an electrician

Beyond replacing a lightbulb, any kind of electrical work is incredibly dangerous. So, it comes as no surprise that it is illegal to do any kind of electrical work without a license. Do the smart thing and always contact your Local Electrician in Williamstown.

Electrician Williams town

Let an expert raise the roof

You may be tempted to grab your ladder and climb on your roof yourself for any quick roof repairs, or to fix or install your TV antenna, but again this can be incredibly dangerous without the right safety gear and technical knowledge. Trained roofing professionals have both of these covered. If you aren’t sure they are doing the job correctly, you are well within your rights to ask for photographs of the before and after work so you don’t have to get up and have a look yourself.

Don’t let your gas or hot water system repair put you in hot water

Cooking with gas might be fun, but working with gas is extremely dangerous. Gas leaks cause numerous injuries every year, sometimes resulting in death. Your local plumber can help with any of your gas and hot water system fitting, servicing and repairs.

Can your builder fix it, yes they can!

Before you think about knocking down that wall, or making any other structural changes to your home, you really need to get a professional. There have been plenty of horror stories involving people who have started to do their own home renovation, only to have the whole house collapse and they end up having to start again. Small carpentry jobs like putting up shelves or building things, you can easily DIY; for anything else, call your local builder.

Before you undertake any DIY, keep in mind if it’s too time-consuming and you’re going to spend a fortune on materials; you might as well hire a professional and save yourself the time, money and stress. There are plenty of helpful plumbers, carpenters, and electricians in Williamstown, so before you get stuck into any big DIY jobs, make sure you understand what you can do yourself and what you really should get a professional to do.

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