How to Clean Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Do you feel like you’re wasting hours tediously performing your domestic cleaning duties in Adelaide? No one enjoys doing chores, but with this helpful advice you can achieve better results in no time.

First of all, you will want to take a good hard look at the products and equipment you are using to complete your clean. No doubt there are many of us still relying on paper towel to wipe benchtops and using newspaper to buff glass. These items will make do, but are far from your best option. They leave tiny paper fibres all over the place, and newspaper can also leave ink traces when wet. Instead, have a stack of new microfiber cloths on hand. These can be used for anything from table to glass for a flawless finish without streaking. They can be thrown in the washing machine and reused for next time.

Domestic Cleaning Adelaide

Next, start looking at your cleaning habits. When tackling the kitchen, do you just pick a spot and get started? Do you try and give everything a good once over or start spending a lot of time concentrating on a single appliance? Professional cleaners know to start just to one side of the stove, and work their way around so that they approach the stovetop last. This is going to be one of your dirtiest and most challenging areas to clean, and doing it at the beginning will just leave you with a dirty cloth that will spread the grease and grime.

You should focus most of your attention on cleaning the items that are designed to function as cleaners themselves. This includes the dishwasher and the sink. You cannot expect to clean dishes in the sink if you have not fully disinfected it for some time. There could be any number of microscopic nasties in there when you think about all the things you wash, from raw meat chopping boards to disposing of off food. First of all, fill your sink with water and detergent, as you would for washing the dishes. Then scrub the sink clean while it is full, taking care to get in around the faucet nooks and crannies. Empty and wipe with a dry cloth. Spray with a mist of vinegar, allow to dry, and then spray with a mist of hydrogen peroxide. This will do the trick.

While you’re at it, it is also worth cleaning the garbage disposal. If this remains putrid then it will ruin all of your hard work in the sink. Many people often dismiss cleaning this appliance as they assume that it will be too dangerous. In reality, all it takes is some cleaning products poured inside to get rid of odours and to help it run more smoothly. Run hot water for some time, before adding baking soda to cleanse the system. Drop in some citrus peel, ice and salt for a refreshing zest that will remain in your kitchen for days. Now turn to your dishwasher. How often do you go to empty this machine only to see your dishes not fully cleaned? It’s frustrating but it’s also concerning, because it means that there could be all sorts of things that are getting through without being properly cleaned. Grab some baking soda and get to scrubbing the interior. Unfortunately, like anything, your dishwasher loses performance if it is not maintained.

Less often, perhaps once a year, get inside your oven and refrigerator for a deep spring clean. Spending an hour or so pampering the inside and getting rid of a year’s worth of food spills will extend the lifespan considerably. Of course, to have your entire home cleaned in half a day, you could always call Ascott Solutions to arrange a domestic cleaning booking in Adelaide.

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