Buying Your First Apartment

There never seems to be a shortage of stunning apartments for sale in Melbourne. This form of communal living can offer a multitude of perks if you choose wisely. Here are some things to keep in mind when you begin apartment hunting in Melbourne.

Apartment For Sale Melbourne

Community living can offer significant savings, although it is quite a lifestyle change after living in a detached house. The physical apartment building is owned by a collective, and you will share a slice when you become the owner of one apartment. Grab a copy of the by-laws to read thoroughly and keep on file after that, as well as having a trusted lawyer explain the contract to you in simple terms. You will need to be aware of any restrictions that may prevent you from living your intended lifestyle. For example, pets may not be permitted. If you have any intention of making structural changes then this is something you will want to begin discussing way in advance. You may find that some buildings are very strict about any major work being done to alter an apartment. So long as you are familiar with these documents then you should have no qualms. Also keep in mind that there will be a quarterly levy fee which covers the maintenance of communal areas such as fences and lobbies. This means that any flash apartment building boasting a spa, sauna, gymnasium and tennis court, is also going to charge you more money four times per year.

Check out the parking facilities. If you are anywhere in a 3km radius of the city, then on street parking is still competitive. Ideally you will have an on-site carpark space allocated to your apartment. Permit parking spaces on the streets are good in theory, but in reality desperate motorists might just take the risk of stealing your spot. Of course, for city dwellers and inner suburbians, it is a real option to give up the car altogether and rely solely on Melbourne’s reliable and extensive public transport network.

Safety is another big change when moving from house to apartment. Your home is now a single cell in a bigger building. In many instances, apartment buildings have very high levels of security. They are regularly protected with an intercom system which requires someone inside to grant entry. Some of the more expensive buildings are also serviced by a doorman and CCTV covering the entry points. Make sure you ask all the right questions to gather a picture of the security situation. Installing more complex systems in your individual apartment could be quite an exercise. Certain areas of course have a negative reputation for crime, and so most first time buyers will avoid these pockets.

Remember that an apartment can also harbour any of the threats of a house. Property inspections before you buy are an absolute necessity. Also review all the history of the building that you can get your hands on, including financial strata documents. These could alert you to patterns that may reveal themselves as ongoing problems later on. For first time apartment dwellers, it is not a bad idea to have an apartment savvy friend come along on inspection day. There is certain wisdom about apartment living that is only gained via experience. For example, bare timber floors looks stunning but might not be the sound insulation solution that you would want in such close quarters. A couple of strategically placed rugs can do a world of good.

When you feel confident and ready to tackle the housing market, To browse the Beautiful Apartments For Sale in Melbourne.

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