When It Comes To Roof Restoration In Kew, What Should You Ask Your Roofer

Melbourne has some wonderful old style homes, so when you need roof restoration in Kew, you should look for a roofer that has a good honest and competent reputation. Plenty of contractors claim to be professionals, and because you don’t want to leave your roof in the hands of just anyone, there are definitely some things you should ask your roof restorer before they get started.

Roof Restoration Kew

Do you have a current license and insurance?

By law all roofing contractors in Australia are required to obtain the relevant licenses and in Victoria any contractor doing residential building work worth more than $5000 must be a registered. Asking your contractor for roof restoration in Kew if they are fully licensed and insured will ensure that they have the skill and expertise to complete your roof installation without compromising on safety and quality. You can also do your own background check at http://www.licensedtrades.com.au.

Can I please have a list of references?

Not only does having a list of references give you an idea of previous roof restoration work completed by your contractor in Kew, you can speak with their previous customers and see what they were like to deal with. If a roofer won’t give you references, you could be dealing with someone dodgy so look elsewhere.

How much is the deposit for roof restoration in Kew?

Some roof restoration contractors in Kew may require a deposit, however some unscrupulous contractors take advantage of their customers and ask for more than what they should. It helps to know what you are legally entitled to pay and that you understand the laws in place regarding deposits for any kind of building work. According to the Domestic Building Contracts (DBC) Act of 2000, most roof repair contracts under $20,000 expect a 10% deposit, and 5% deposit for roof restorations over $20,000. For quotes under $3,500 you can negotiate the deposit. It pays to discuss this with your roof restorer in the beginning so that you aren’t left out of pocket.

What is the expected time frame?

When your roof contractor quotes you, they should be able to give you a firm deadline of when work will be completed. Make sure this is discussed as you don’t want to go days or even weeks without adequate roof coverage.

Do I need to cover the cost of safety scaffolding?

Your roof restorer should build the cost of erecting scaffolding or installing edge protection into your contract quote, so confirm this with your initial quote. If not, the cost of installing safety equipment should be clearly noted. Your roof restorer contractor should also undertake a site check before commencing work to identify if there are any safety hazards and what extra safety equipment might be required for your roof restoration in Kew.

There are plenty of unhappy customers out there, so make sure you are completely satisfied by all the answers you receive from your roof contractor regarding these questions. When you need a Roof Restoration in Kew,  phone (03) 9873 0963 and speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff members today.


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