How To Remove Stubborn Coffee Stains From Carpet

Coffee stains in the carpet are something that you are no doubt going to have to tackle at some point in life. Whether it is the fact that we have this drink so early in the morning when we’re rushing around and can’t think straight, or just because we drink it so often, it always seems to end up on the floor. Regardless, there are some fantastic carpet cleaning tips in Adelaide out there to help you.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Now, we should preface this by saying that certain carpets may be slightly different in which treatments work best for them. If you know that your living room is floored with a particularly rare and expensive exotic carpet, then it might be best to turn to the professionals, or even the manufacturers of that specific material. However, for more generic carpets you can follow these simple methods. There is one thing that is non-negotiable, and that is that you will want to try to blot up as much moisture as possible as soon as you spill the coffee. An older stain is harder to lift.

Many sources suggest blending a teaspoon of detergent and one of white vinegar with two cups to half a litre of warm water. This mixture is applied with a damp sponge and dabbed directly onto the area. Then, a dry cloth is dabbed but never rubbed to slowly lift the stain. If you gradually remove all of the moisture but the stain is still obvious, then try omitting the detergent altogether and just using equal parts vinegar and warm water. This is obviously a stronger solution and not one you would want to try as a first resort. Be careful to continue dabbing until the moisture is completely removed, otherwise this concentration of vinegar could slightly bleach the carpet.

Is the stain still not budging? Some suggest a white shaving foam, although you would want to be very frugal with the amount you apply at first, increasing it slowly if you want a bigger effect. Then, simply blot with a damp cloth again and repeat. The next item to try is baking soda. This is a great Eco-friendly approach for those that do not want to introduce harsh chemicals into their carpet, or simply want to use something cheap that is lying around the house. Lemon juice mixed with warm water is another great one to try, but just make sure that every last drop is sponged out, otherwise you are left with a sticky patch which will bleach if exposed to sunlight. Whichever method or combination of methods you go with, remember to do a thorough job sponging out the solution, and then once done, dab the area with a clean cloth with cold water to set it, and vacuum to ensure complete dryness.

Of course, by far the most reliable and thorough way of removing stains is to pay for  carpet cleaning professional Adelaide. The results make home remedies look amateur and they keep your whole carpet in better condition as well as just removing the spot stain. It is relatively cost effective if you get several rooms done at once, and means that you don’t have to do the hard work yourself. Plus, there is the added peace of mind that if for some reasons your carpet is damaged in the cleaning process, you are not to blame and the onus of repair falls on the professional.

If the place is a rental, then using a professional is highly recommended. Home remedies can and do go wrong, and stains or cleaning troubles could cause you to lose your bond. From this point of view, the expense of a steam clean is easily justified. Visit Master Class Carpet Cleaning  for more information on Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Techniques in Adelaide.

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