Does a Door Chain Do Anything to Protect Your Home?

When it comes to home security, you will want to choose each device very carefully. There is a fine line to walk in terms of having the exact right amount and type of protection, and so it is always best to consult professional Adelaide locksmiths’ advice. On the one hand, every additional item in your complete system offers that extra layer of protection. But, something that is considered weak could actually lull you into a false sense of security.

A door chain is a very simple security device when compared to some of the more modern technological products we can buy. However, just because it is older does not necessarily mean that it is ‘tried and tested’. In fact, there have been countless reports of break in that cite a flimsy door chain as inadequate protection. A lot of the problem lies with prevalence and availability. Firstly, any hardware store will stock several types of door chains. They are inexpensive, and very appealing when compared next to high end locks which can cost hundreds of dollars. Customers think that it is better to do something than nothing, and opt for this cheap product, commending themselves on improving their home security. Secondly, they are fixed onto so many homes and apartments throughout Australia. People see them being used in everyday life and so assume that they are doing some good.

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The thing about a door chain is that it can very easily lure people into silly situations. They feel a sense of security, because they know in their mind that they have this so called security device installed, and so they may make irresponsible decisions that they would not make if they were feeling threatened. A door chain may make it slightly more difficult to break down a closed door with brute force. However, it is often other ways that intruders enter a home equipped with a door chain. Once the door is opened, even if the door chain is attached, kicking in the door is dead easy. Snapping a chain when it is the only thing resisting your foot is incredibly simple. Another thing to note is that the strength of the chain and plate is one thing, but the strength and reliability of the screws is quite another. You could have the strongest, most unbreakable chain in the world, but a swift kick in the right spot will send the screws shooting out and the chain will be redundant. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is often the people inside and not the chain that is to blame for home invasions. A security chain may allow you to see a person who has knocked on your door. It is then up to you to judge whether you open the door to them, or even let them enter.

Door chains may offer some comfort to people living in apartment buildings or renters who are not in the position to install more complex and involved protection systems. For apartment buildings in particular it is slightly more acceptable, as it is assumed that there is a preliminary security force at ground level, either in the form of a doorman or an intercom buzzer. There is nothing particularly wrong with having a door chain, so long as it is a part of a more secure system, including perhaps deadlocks and bolts, an alarm or even CCTV. If you do have a door chain installed, remember that you are the one in control of who you open the door to. To chat about other types of security devices with our Clever Locksmiths in Adelaide, please visit Knight Locksmiths.

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