Unbelievable Stories Of International Pet Travel From Australia And Beyond!

Petraveller.com.au takes the hard work out of organising international pet travel from Australia, but if you think your pet has a long way to go, check out these unbelievable international pet travel stories, where pets travelled extraordinary distances.

International Pet Travel

Howie the Persian Cat was not pussy footing around when he survived 12 months away from home in the Australian outback. Howie had been left in the care of family friends while his family went on an overseas trip. When they returned the family were told that Howie had run away.12 months later the family found a mangy, unkempt and hungry cat on their doorstep. Yep, it was Howie who and travelled an astonishing 1600km by paw to make it back home again. Howie’s family are sure to organise international pet travel next time they leave Australia!

Pet Travel AustraliaThe McElhiney family in Wisconsin were devastated when their one-year-old tabby cat Emily went missing. The biggest surprise was that Emily travelled over 7242km and found herself in France. Em ily’s international adventure started when she went for a wander around her neighbourhood and found her way inside a truck container of paper bales headed to Chicago. From there she was accidentally shipped to Belgium before arriving in France looking a little worse for wear. Emily was identified by her tags, and after a flight with Continental Airlines was reunited with her beloved family.

No doubt you have heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, well here is the story of a tortoise that may not have won the race, but she went on one heck of an adventure. In 2006, Lucy an 11kg desert tortoise burrowed out of her pen and seemed to disappear. Four years later, somehow Lucy managed to return home again (well she was found in the neighbour’s yard), and had grown to twice the size she was when she left.

Lucy wasn’t the only pet to MacGyver her way out of their cage. In Japan, an African Grey parrot called Yosuke escaped and took flight around the city. Yosuke was eventually found by animal control, then handed over to the police, before ending up with a local vet. Once at the vet surgery, Yosuke became loose-beaked and started to talk. The parrot told the vet that his name was Mr. Yosuke Nakamura and gave the vet his full home address. Who’s a clever polly then!

Australia is one of the toughest environments for pets to survive, just ask the Griffith family. In 2009, Jane and Dave Griffith took their cattle dog, Sophie Tucker, on their family boat trip around the Whitsunday Islands. During the trip, Sophie fell overboard and after much searching, it was believed she was lost to the shark-infested waters. Unbelievably, Sophie survived by swimming five nautical miles to St. Bees Island. Sophie survived by eating wild baby goats, and the story of a ‘wild’ dog living in the area got back to the Griffiths. Hoping it might be Sophie, they contacted park rangers and were finally reunited with their Crusoe like pet.

While some of these pets might have accidentally found themselves on an adventure, if you want to take your pet on an adventure safely, make sure you organise your international pet travel with Petraveller.com.au. Petraveller takes all the hassle out of your international pet travel, so enquire with the friendly team who will look after your animal needs today.

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