Do I Really Need Roof Restorations for My Melbourne Home?

We often worry about the inside of our homes and our landscaping, but when it comes to roof restorations, Melbourne you are forgetting the most important part of your home! Most home owners only think about the roof when it starts leaking, before that we don’t often give our roofs any TLC.

There are plenty of reasons why you Need Roof Restorations in Melbourne, here are the most common reasons customers come to C&L Coghlan Roofing for roof restorations in Melbourne.

Obvious roof damage

Roof restorations in Melbourne are not uncommon because it has a lot of rain. Regular brings about a few problems for Melbourne roofs. Excess rain can cause long term damage to roofs and roof tiles, by causing damage to the actual roof structure making it unsafe, and clogging your roof utters with dirt and leaf debris. Regular rain also adds mould and mildew to a roof which can make it appear much older than it actually is which can significantly decrease the value of your home.


Pest infestation

One of the most common needs for roof restorations in Melbourne is common pests. If you can hear scratching in your roof, it could be wasps, rats, mice, possums, birds, or bats. These pests make their way in through any holes or loose shingles in your roof, and once inside they cause further damage to your roof. Other pests might not be so obvious. If your roof has wooden slats, you should keep an eye out for damage from termites and other wood-boring pests. Natural pests like lichen, algae and moss can degrade your roof tiles, restricting water flow down the roof and affecting your guttering. You can often spot algae and moss by the greenish coloured stains on your roof. It pays to get a professional check for signs of moisture, rotting and mould, as the wet spots you see inside your home might not come directly from damaged shingles or slats as water can run down the roof causing mould, fungi and bacteria to grow.

Age and dirtiness

Over the years, the weather and climate can make your roof tiles lose their natural protection and original look, making them appear mismatched and aged. The older tiles become, the more they also deteriorate, becoming brittle and breaking. In many older residences, the improper installation of tiles can also contribute to damage and missing tiles. The older a roof and the longer you leave damage, the harder it can often be to repair.

These are just some of the most common reasons houses need roof restorations in Melbourne. Restoring your roof now can help you to avoid these problems worsening. When you are need roof restorations in Melbourne, visit, or phone (03) 9873 0963 and speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff members today.

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