You Don’t Need a Spare Room For a Home Office

Are you passionate about getting your start up off the ground, or just wanting to cut back on your time on the office? A home office is a great choice that can help to make you more productive with no distractions and no congested commutes to and from work. Almost any home has the space needed for an airy and welcoming home office complete with complementary home office furniture statement pieces.

Home office Furniture

The best part about a home office is that it can be as big or as little as you want, although it is recommended to keep design elements fairly simple. A corner is a popular spot for those with limited space. There are plenty of corner desks available that can make great use of this often wasted space. If you do opt for the corner, then you will want to find a furniture item that allows you to use the depth of the corner fully for storage space. Also place an emphasis on good lighting, such as a hanging lamp or down lights within the shelving on top of a desk lamp. Corners can have the tendency to feel a little claustrophobic which is certainly not something you want from a work space.

To counter this, a desk placed against a window is the preferred choice by many home employees. It lets in plenty of natural light during the day to perk you up and keep you feeling fresh. On top of this, open the pane for a refreshing breeze. Facing straight out the window will also give you the impression of time passing throughout the day, which is important when working from home with no one to tell you when to finish working. A routine is essential if this arrangement is to work, and to avoid overworking or slacking off. A calendar and a wall clock are other absolute necessities for keeping productive and efficient.

Avoid having your home office in the corner of your bedroom. The bedroom is a place of relaxation where you can slip off your shoes and be lazy at the end of a long day. This mentality is not something that you want to take with you into your place of work. It is all too easy to slip into the routine of thinking of working at home as not really work at all. Before you know it, 9am starts have moved to 10am starts, complete with pyjamas and slippers. Remain disciplined in your headspace and the work will follow. Situate the office in a room that doesn’t to carry this connotation for relaxation.

The living room can be slightly better, but even more ideal is  Recognise your weaknesses and work the space to combat them. Are you prone to getting stressed out and flustered? Paint the walls a soothing blue or green and pay attention to logical filing and ordered storage. Perhaps you are more vulnerable to day dreaming and falling asleep on the job. Opt for a burst of vibrant colour and organise your day in short two hour blocks with regular breaks. Prone to getting distracted? Keep everything you will need in immediate reach so there is no excuse for going wandering around the house. Always insist on a chair that takes care of your posture, and a desk height that works for you.

Working from home can be fantastic thing once you properly set up your environment for success and get your head in the right place. Allow the skilled Home Office Furniture Team at Furniture Access.


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