Reduce Office Waste Removal

While many offices these days have some sort of recycling initiative in place, many have plenty of room for improvement. Is your workplace doing enough to minimise the need for frequent waste removal in Melbourne and instead reuse and recycle where possible?

Of course, the best possible plan of attack is to not create the same amount of waste in the first place. Most offices still go through an excessive amount of paper on a daily basis. With multi-purpose printing, scanning and copying machines it is so easy to just press a button and use a whole ream of paper. The best advice is to think before you ink. Does this item really need to be printed, or is it just out of habit? Obviously things will need to be posted to clients, however many of your internal documents can be emailed around and read online.

When you do need to print lengthy pieces, always opt for double sided printing. Most people know that they should be doing double sided printing, but without a specialised function on your printer that flips the pages for you, it can be a bit of a confusing process. If you only have a single sided printer, you can still print every odd page, and then flip the stack and print even pages on the other side. Ask a co-worker to show you if unsure, or experiment with a couple of pages. Making a simple mistake with this process on a long document could be a huge waste of paper. For printing that is no longer needed, keep a scrap paper tray. Instead of keeping a pad by the telephone for example, use scrap paper to jot down notes. Other tasks, such as brainstorming, can typically waste a lot of paper. If you are one of those people that need a hundred screwed up attempts to get that great idea, then make sure you use scrap paper wherever possible.

Waste Removal in Melbourne

Take a refill-rather-than-replace attitude across the whole office. Items such as ink cartridges and pens can be refilled, often for less money. Items such as packing boxes should always be reused. Keep large boxes from deliveries flattened in a closet. They take up virtually no room, and will come in handy when the office does a move or a reshuffle. Keep things tidy. When the office is messy, items get lost and are replaced unnecessarily. How many times have you searched your desk for a pen, when you bought a whole packet a week ago? Likewise it is easy to lose track of papers when they are buried on your desk, and so you print off another copy.

The most important thing is each person working together to do a small part of the workload. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to have widespread employee awareness and education about the issue. This all sounds very rigid and boring, but many offices make use of a ‘staff swap day’, where books and DVDs that are no longer wanted are brought in and traded. It’s a nice break from the usual routine, everyone can get a free gift and most importantly it helps to reaffirm your values of minimising waste.

No office is going to be totally waste-free, and it is often about making responsible disposal choices. Have a recycling bin collected as well as garbage. Choose a bin collector which is transparent about how they treat green waste or recyclables. Get in touch with Must Collect Rubbish today at to speak with the Commercial Waste Removal Team in Melbourne about their services.


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