Responsibly Selecting a Test And Tag Provider

The test and tag provider regulations in Australia are not as strict as you may think, and there are some serious consequences if the task is not performed professionally.  It is up to you as a business owner to compare providers and find one that you are confident will do the job well. Do your research and ask serious questions to your potential test and tag providers in Adelaide.

First and foremost, you will want to ask to see their qualification. According to Australian law, testing and tagging must be carried out by what is deemed a ‘competent person’. In order to be a competent person, someone needs to have completed a special training course which teaches them how to use a portable appliance tester (PAT) and interpret the readings. What many people do not realise, is that this training course is very basic. It can be completed in a day usually. This is fine, as a PAT is relatively simple to use and so does not need a great deal of instruction. However, taking theoretical learning into the practical world is a whole new experience. Providing a good test and tag service in the real world requires much more hands on experience and technical knowledge than this simply course can provide.

For this reason, it is a good idea to ask your provider how long they have been doing what they do. Someone who is also a qualified electrician, or who at least has several years of testing and tagging under their belt, will be capable of troubleshooting any errors, performing a thorough and efficient service, and also offering any answers to general electrical questions you may have. Furthermore, should an appliance be deemed faulty, someone with more experience will be able to take you through the stages of getting it repaired or replaced, rather than simply handing down a fail rating and leaving you hanging.

Test and Tag Adelaide

Ask about how your results will be displayed. Now, the average business owner is not going to know a lot about the methods of testing and tagging, but you should know that they are not all the same. Some providers will use very basic machines that spit out nothing more than a pass or fail rating. This is then hand written on your label, attached to the appliance. For some people, this level of service is all they need to fulfil their legal responsibility and so that’s fine. Others who are more concerned about the long term safety and costs involved with their electrics might want a more in depth service. Other providers can offer a service using machines that store your appliance testing history, which can be very helpful if you ever need to trace back a fault. Perhaps you have noticed a trend over the years that appliances in a certain area of your building are beginning to fail, for example. This latter service will obviously take some processing, and the results collected will be prepared into a document offsite and returned to you. In the best cases, an audit will be carried out on the results by an independent professional.

Finally, before your technician leaves, there are a few things on your checklist. Make sure you have received a certificate of compliance, provided all of your appliances passed. If something does go wrong in the future, you will need to present this certificate to demonstrate that you abided by testing regulations. Also take a closer look at the tags on each appliance. Make sure you can read the handwriting first of all, and ask your technician whether the tags are heat sensitive. For a Reliable Test and Tag Service in Adelaide, contact TestCorp.


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