The Bigger The Better When It Comes To Carports

Anyone looking to build brand new carports in Adelaide will know that there are plenty of different sizes and styles available. Choosing the right one for your property and to house your cars will obviously depend on the style you want. Selecting the right size is a different matter altogether, and it is generally recommended to go slightly bigger than you think you will need.

Carports Adelaide

Most home owners will look at the number of cars they own, consider this in relation to the space available, and build accordingly. But, the fact is, if you have the space available, you may as well build a much larger carport, as they can come in handy for so much more than simply housing a vehicle or two. In particular you can use this versatile space for two key purposes: entertaining and storage.

Australian homes can always use some more entertainment space. Even the biggest of houses can do with some undercover area that has a breeze running through it on those beautiful summer days. Be it a work dinner party or simply a cocktail night with some friends, this simple structure is easy to decorate to any occasion. If you are a family with kids, then you just know at some point you are going to have to hold some impressive teenage parties. A carport makes a great dance floor space come rain or shine, and the best part is that it keeps the mess and the noise out of the house. Adelaide weather can be very fluctuating, especially in those in between seasons of autumn and spring. There used to be a time when rain meant cancelling an event, but not any more.

Carports can be great for storage. It is true that conventional carports are very open structures, with four stilts and a roof on top. However, now people can personalise them as much as they like, to create a carport/garage hybrid. Perhaps you want a single solid wall to block out your neighbours, or three semi-solid walls such as a timber lattice. Get creative with the roof space for additional storage space. A peaked roof can create a mini attic space with the help of a flat bottom. Not only does this help you keep the property looking tidy, but it is also a smart move in terms of adding value. Storage space is always a big factor when new buyers survey a property, and this will be a fantastic selling point.

Thinking of the future when you consider any property addition is necessary. You may think that a single carport will suit your needs now, but what about if you get another vehicle? What about when the kids grow up and learn to drive? Bigger carports can also open up a whole new world of possibilities. Perhaps one day you may decide that solar panels are the way to go. These can be fitted to a north facing carport roof quite easily, and this is especially useful in homes where the roof is quite a mismatch of angles.

It is far more cost effective to build a slightly larger carport than it is to modify an existing one down the track, so don’t been tempted to cut costs. Especially for those on the limited space side indoors, a carport can really give you that room to move. Chat with a specialist today and they will ask the questions to get your mind thinking in the right direction. For a Full Carports Quote in Adelaide, turn to Western Pergolas ‘n’ Decks.


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