The Pros Know All The Tips To Keep Your Clean House Clean

Performing a complete spring clean of your home from top to bottom can be a very cleansing experience. However, there is nothing more frustrating than inspecting a benchtop a week or two later to notice dust already beginning to accumulate. If you are going to go to all the effort of proper domestic cleaning in Adelaide, then you want to make sure that the results will last.

Domestic Cleaning Adelaide

One of the worst threats to a clean house, and any amateur cleaner’s worst nightmare, is soap scum and shower mould. Once it is there, it seems that it will not only never come off, but keep growing over time. The problem is both in the method of cleaning and in the shower products you use. A sponge or cloth is not going to hack it when it comes to this build up, and so you want something far more abrasive. A metal scourer is a better approach, or better yet, a plastic putty knife to scrape off the majority before scrubbing het cleared surface. A stiff brush such as a nail brush can be very useful in getting between those tricky tiles and cleaning the grout.

Once you’ve managed to banish your soapy deposit, then you will want to take a look around your bathroom. Foaming soaps or bar soaps are the notorious culprits. It is recommended that you use a gel or liquid soap in the shower, which rinses away far more easily and will make future cleaning a breeze. However, before you throw out that bar of soap, you can use it in a number of other handy ways around the house. Use it when dry to rub across your bathroom mirrors, and then work it in with a dry cloth. Doing this occasionally stops your mirrors from fogging up and causing watermarks every time you have a shower. Also run it lightly along the runners of any drawers that have an annoying tendency to get stuck.

There are a couple of other basic tips that can really help in prolonging that just-cleaned feel. After cleaning your marble benchtops to get that beautiful shine, apply a very thin layer of car polish. Unlike standard house cleaners, this polish leaves an invisible film on the surface, which prevents stains and makes future cleaning much simpler. Don’t have marble? There’s a very handy tip for stainless steel as well. Many modern kitchens consist almost entirely of stainless steel surfaces. It looks stunning and sleek when clean, but can show smudges and fingerprints easily. The solution is to rub the entire area with a mineral oil on a cloth. This oil will repel moisture and keep it cleaner for longer.

Once you have dusted and vacuumed a room like the living room, you may notice that there still lingers a stale smell. Apply a couple of drops of essential oil to the air vent and then turn on the air conditioning. This technique will gradually spread the scent throughout the air, and will last for quite some time. Speaking of odours, one of the other big problem areas can be the garbage disposal. You should be hesitant to use a whole lot of cleaning products, as they can risk clogging. Instead, simply drop some zesty lemon or orange peel down the chute, leave the disposal going for a few seconds and flush with water. The result will be a natural, fresh scent throughout your kitchen.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Expert Domestic Cleaning Team in Adelaide at Ascott Solutions.


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