Try New Lighting Before Your Redecorate

Thinking of redecorating? It is normal to look around your home and want to brighten things up a bit, but before you leap to new wallpaper or a furniture overhaul, you might want to rethink your lighting choices. Take these tips from an expert electrician in Footscray to illuminate your rooms like never before.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that home owners make is with lamp shades. With shades coming in all sorts of gorgeous colours and patterns, we can be tempted to buy something that looks pretty but does not serve its function well. A dark blue shade for example, might complement the cream tones of your room; however it is not going to be a good medium for light to pass through. As a general rule of thumb, always go for very pastel or neutral tone shades which have a highly transparent texture. Stay away from thicker materials that block the light. Also beware of quirkier options which cast patterned shadows across the room. These can be spectacular in certain settings; however they can emphasise darkness as well as light. The effect is a very striking contrast, rather than the less noticeable luminance that you are aiming for.

As well as function, light should also be attractive and a work of art in your living spaces. Try to think about lighting unexpected places, and placing light at different levels to create a complex and dynamic space. Just having downlights from the ceiling may be modern, but it is also bland and a bit boring. In order for this minimalist approach to be effective then you need to really nail the furniture and other design elements. Of course your choices will be guided by what fits the space, but as a general rule try to incorporate a variety of lighting fixtures into a room. This means as well as perhaps a central feature light, having some well-chosen table lamps as well as some recessed or mood lighting.

Electrician Footscray

You should design your lighting for night time. Of course, natural light certainly does play a big part in bringing your room to life in the day time, and you should make the most of it. However, you cannot design your lighting based around this natural light, because it simply isn’t there all the time. Obviously you will still want a well-lit room at night, as well as on overcast or rainy days. So, design for night time but have a number of pieces combined, so that during the day you can top up the natural light with the artificial. Consider adding dimmer switches if you want to more precisely control the amount of light in the room throughout the day.

Layering your light is important, because it minimises the impact of shadow. Even if you have the most even lighting coverage over your ceiling, it is immediately going to cast a shadow, for example of a silhouette as you lean over the chopping board. This makes your lighting highly inefficient and one-dimensional. Adding depth with lighting at different heights and angles is the solution.

Finally, light can also add colour and tone. If this is the main problem that you have with a space, then the right lighting can make all the different. Perhaps there is too much stark white, and you’ve decided your living room feels cold and uninviting. You may be surprised at the change that a warm yellow glow can bring to the atmosphere of the area. For more information from a Qualified Electrician in Footscray about the miraculous impact of good lighting, please contact Electricians On Call.


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