Make It Easy For People To Buy Your Home In Sydney

There’s always a lot of advice for people looking to buy property in Sydney, but what about those who want to sell it? Today we have decided to help those sellers out preparing their home for its first open inspection. An old wives tale has often circulated that you should bake cookies or a roast so the smell attracts buyers. The idea is not as silly as it sounds because smell has been closely linked to purchasing. For more tips and tricks continue reading.

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The big clean

Obviously even the most inept person will know that you need to perform a major clean of your house. Ultimately, your home needs to look its very best in order to attract potential buyers. The big clean should include your garden, garage and any other outdoor areas. Every surface should be cleaned including the spaces you don’t usually let people inspect. Unfortunately buyers are nosey and will open cupboards, ovens and wardrobes, so make sure these are all looking fantastic inside

Vacuuming, scrubbing and washing all over the house is a must, as well as decluttering. Remove any obstructions like shoes and children’s toys so people inspecting your home won’t trip over. Make sure you empty all rubbish bins as they can create an unpleasant smell. Also clear out the letter box because it’s not a good first impression to have it overflowing with junk mail and letters.

It’s a good idea to get the major clean out of the way so then you can just keep up with steady maintenance. That means it won’t take as long to clean every time you need an inspection.

Light and air

Homes that are light and airy are usually the most inviting. Therefore, it’s beneficial if you try and create this feel in the home you are trying to sell. Before your inspection, open your house up to tell fresh air blow through it.

This will get rid of that horrible stuffy feeling that can really put people off. On the day of the inspection, make sure you draw the curtains or open the blinds so beautiful, natural sunlight flows through. Also, if it’s a nice sunny day, leave a window open during the inspection so cool air can continue to flow throughout your house.


While your pet may be adorable to you, their smell and mess is not so charming for potential home buyers. In fact, many buyers can be put off for obvious signs of pets. If your home has a strong dog or cat odour, make sure you deodorize your home before the inspection. It’s also helpful to give your home a very thorough vacuum to remove any pet hair.

When it comes to the day of the inspection, remove the pets bowls and toys. Also take them on a little holiday so they’re not around the house when buyers are looking through it.

Personal touches

Make sure your home doesn’t feel like a display home. It’s important that the buyers still sees personal touches around the place, as it can make them feel more connected to you. A good idea is to leave out nice family photographs or even displaying children’s artwork on the fridge. Another great idea is having fresh flowers displayed in a vase. It creates a beautiful smell and shows people have been inside the home.

Please utilise there tips when you are setting your home up for an open inspection. If you are yet to purchase a new home to move into, also be sure to check out the properties for sale on BidRhino. Their website is a simple way to Buy Property in Sydney.


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