Become a Triple Threat For Broadway Theatre

Young dancers everywhere aspire to one day make it big and turn what they love into a full time job that pays the bills. The performing arts is a competitive industry, full of countless talented individuals who are all willing to work the long hours. The good news is that with versatile dance classes in Camberwell, you can improve your skill, increase your variety of talent and better your chances.

Dancing Classes Camberwell

With so much talent on offer, it can be a bit daunting to think about auditions and going up against some of the best. However, there are still a very small number of people who can do all three of the things needed for stage theatre: singing, dancing and acting. Many can do two of the three, and too often acting takes a back seat. People who can sing and dance just assume that acting will come naturally and so don’t bother taking any professional classes that could really help them improve. Focusing on getting professional development in each of these three key areas will dramatically improve your chances of landing your dream gig and getting chosen over your competitors. Importantly, the three talents are very connected, and so focusing on your singing, can also help improve your acting for example.

Learning to dance from an early age can give a child rhythm for life. Once we learn to coordinate our bodies and hear the rhythm in music, there is no stopping us. This kind of ingrained understanding later becomes very helpful when learning another less intuitive skill. For example, taking singing lessons or learning a musical instrument a little later is quite difficult without a basic understanding of timing.

Similarly, singing is all about focusing on breathing and projection. It teaches techniques that can send your voice further and strengthen your confidence on those higher notes. All of these tips in turn help to improve your projection when acting. Learning about these skills in a multidisciplinary environment is important. Singing and dancing together, for example, are clearly very different to pure singing or pure dancing. Instead, you have to maintain a consistent clear sound while moving the body around, which can be quite a challenge.

Performance is a fantastic way for people of all ages to express themselves. This branch of the arts is about creativity, pushing the boundaries and always gaining and refining your skills. It is never too late to discover your passion for musical theatre. Whether you dream of being one in a line of chorus dancers on stage, or at the front of the stage in the spotlight, there is something for everyone who loves the thrill of performing. Learn valuable skills not only for performing on stage, but also those that are applicable to other aspects of life. From team work and communication to an overall enhanced sense of self-esteem, learning the art of performance can have a much wider array of benefits than you may have first assumed. Who knows, you might uncover a brand new talent you never knew you had, or simply see a whole new perspective on an old hobby.

It is always better to be overqualified or over skilled rather than under, and you can’t get much better than being a triple threat. This title is often seen as being the thing to aspire to after many years of hard work. Whether you want to make a career or a happy memory out of your performing arts involvement, you can do it. Book in an initial Preview Dance Classes Introduction in Camberwell with the Stage School.


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