Bring Enamel Cups Along To Your Next Camping Trip

When I’m preparing for a camping trip, the first things I usually grab are my enamel cups, first aid kit and matches. These items allow me to be safe, while cooking my much loved cup of tea. Jokes aside though, packing the right equipment is essential to having a successful camping trip. Leaving an important piece of equipment at home can really detract from your trip. If you are new to camping and want to know what to bring along to your upcoming trip, we have outlined a list below of some of our must-have items.

Enamel Cups

First aid kit

When you’re out in the elements camping anything can happen. With tents to assemble, fire wood to collect and camp fires to burn, scratches, cuts and even burns can be a regular part of the camping experience. To ensure you are protected from these minor injuries, a first-aid kit is essential.


Unfortunately for those of your who aren’t talented boy or girl scouts, there’s little to no chance you will be able to ignite a fire yourself without a lighter or matches. Don’t put your food options at risk by trying to be a hero around the campfire and trying to start up a fire yourself. Instead rely on matches or even a lighter to get the camp fire started.

Enamel cup
Enamel Cups

Nothing tastes sweeter when you’re camping then a nice cup of tea from the campfire. When it comes to bringing your favourite mug with you, you can’t go past an enamel cup. They can be placed straight on the fire without fear of cracking or splitting. It also keeps your tea or hot drink nice and warm for prolonged periods of time.


The humble rope can go extremely far when you are camping. If you are well versed in knots you can turn a rope into a multipurpose piece of equipment. From creating shelters to sleep under, to tying a rope from tree to tree to create a clothesline to hang your wet clothes on, there are so many different options.


To ensure you and your fellow campers stay nice and try, you will need to bring along a tarp in your kit. They provide a range of functions including protecting the bottom of your tent or even as additional shelter. The great thing about tarps is they are super easy to squeeze into your packs. All you need to do is fold them up and they’re ready to go.


In the great outdoors electricity is of course not available, so you will need to bring a torch, headlamp or lantern. Without access to your own light source, things can get dangerous, which is why you need to have a light handy. Whether you need it to find your way to your tent at night or even the bathroom, you can’t go camping without a light source. Also be sure to bring extra batteries with you so you aren’t left in the dark.

Maps and Compass

While in our d-to-day life we rely on our GPS or maps on our phone, when you’re camping you don’t always have access to these luxuries. Whether it’s the battery on your phone that runs out, or perhaps the inability to get a signal, you can’t always rely on this kind of technology. Therefore, you will have to go back to basics and bring maps and a compass. These will never run out of a battery and can be relied upon.

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