We Answer Your FAQs About The Humble Rainwater Tank

More and more homeowners in Adelaide are beginning to add a rainwater tank to their backyard. The trusty rainwater tank seems to be growing in popularity, as homeowners like to decrease their reliance on mains water. Rainwater tanks are a really valuable addition to any home as they have the potential to cut water bills, as well as your own water consumption. The good news is rainwater tanks come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials and even colours.

Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

Once you begin searching for a rainwater tank, it’s pretty easy to find one that suits your individual requirements. If you are considering installing a Rainwater Tank in your Adelaide backyard, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is it safe to drink water captured from a rainwater tank?

Many people question whether rainwater is safe to drink. Unlike mains water that comes billowing out of our taps, rainwater has not been chemically treated. Therefore, it could harbor some nasty bacteria that is unsafe to consume. For most rainwater tank owners, it is considered unsafe to drink water from your tanks as they hygiene level is not adequate. However, for those who are serious about their tanks and undertake continual maintenance and cleaning, consumption of water may be possible.

How is a rainwater tank installed?

Every local council has different rules and regulations regarding the installation of rainwater tanks. Before you purchase or install your tank, it’s crucial you talk to your local council about any restrictions that may be in effect. Once you get the green light then rainwater tanks are relatively easy to install. For those who want to utilise rainwater around the house in perhaps the toilets of the washing machine, the tank must be connected to the water supply. However, you will need a professional plumber to assist with this installation, as you must ensure a device is fitted that stops potential backflow from occurring.

Mains, towns, reticulated and drinking water are words thrown around a lot. What do they all mean, and what is the difference?

In essence, all the terms above are used to describe the same thing. Ultimately, these names are given to water that is of drinking quality, which is provided by water authorities, local government and utility companies. A network of pipes underground is used to transport this water to homes across the country. These words are used interchangeable to describe the same thing.

What does it mean when someone refers to a mains top-up?

A mains top-up is basically the process of topping up your water tank with mains water when it is becoming dry. During periods of no rain, you rainwater tank can run dry. It’s important to avoid the tank becoming completely dry as it affects the water quality of the tank. For rainwater tanks connected to homes, this is something that needs to be avoided.

What is a first-flush device?

Many people discuss first-flush devices, but for those who don’t have one it can be difficult to determine what in fact it is. While it sounds like something that belongs on the toilet, it is actually a device attached to your rainwater tank that sends the initial rainwater collected into the normal stormwater system. The process of sending the first lot of water away is necessary, as it decreases the contaminants and sediment that has been picked up from your roof from entering your rainwater tank.

With most of your questions answered, it’s time to do your own research. Check out the Rainwater TankTaylor Made Tankss Available at Taylor Made Tanks.

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