How To Do Industrial Statement Lighting Well

Industrial chic is back in a big way in interior design. Concrete benchtops, distressed timber floors, exposed brick walls and of course metallic lighting are all staples of this iconic design genre. Take inspiration from these bold ideas and talk to your local electrician in Footscray about adding some personality into your loft, apartment or home.

Pendant lighting is one of the most common ways to play with this aesthetic style. Single large bulbs with exposed wires are attached to a thick black cord hanging from the ceiling. The cords can be looped and hung as you please. One of these on either side of the bed is a simple yet daring statement that demands instant attention when guests walk into the room. These pendants are incredibly versatile as they can look stunning on their own or in a mismatched group. How about having a row of slightly different pendants, all at slightly different heights, hanging along a dining table or breakfast bar? You can choose from a range of highly energy efficient bulbs to ensure that you can do your bit from the environment as well as live affordably without compromising on style.

Black track lighting on the ceiling is another way in which the industrial can be included in your home in a stylish and sophisticated manner. This style includes a horizontal bar from which several smaller spotlights are attached. The aesthetic is reminiscent of a film set or an art gallery and can be great for directing the eye toward particular features in the room. Along the same theme, stand-alone spotlights can also be an attention grabbing feature. These are popular in the bedroom or by the couch in the living room as a bright reading lamp. Keep the rest of the clutter in the room to a minimum so that you can take full advantage of the fantastic impact of a piece such as this.

Electrician Footscray

Are you looking to bring some grunge into your retail space? Dressing up a commercial property is in many ways more important than simply fixing up your living space, because a good shop front brings in customers, and customers bring in income. Why not add a touch of New York to your hospitality site and put up some neon signage. When overdone, neon can look garish and tacky, but a single word in an otherwise minimalist space can be perfection. A custom design can be pricy, but is certainly worthwhile in terms of grabbing the attention of passers-by, and turning window shoppers into real shoppers.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with Electricians On Call, the Fabulous Electrician Leader in Footscray.


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