What Size Wand For Your Sprayer?

If you are looking for a new accessory to your backpack sprayer, then a wand extension is a wise choice. This one part allows you to reach new heights with your original agricultural sprayers, instead of having to upgrade to the latest, more expensive models.

There are quite a few different sizes to choose from, and the one that is best for you will depend on two things: the sprayer model that it needs to attach to, and the intended purpose of the wand. A wand is just another component for your sprayer which will need to be fitted in terms of opening size so that it attaches snugly to your tank. Any errors in judgement here, such as buying slightly the wrong size, will mean that you waste product and have to put up with frustrating leakages which will decrease your overall efficiency. The nozzle on the end of the wand which controls the spray and droplet size is a different component altogether. This is another piece that you will want to get fitted correctly, so you can chat to your local supplier about the specifics.

Agricultural SprayersThe purpose of the wand is to reach the spray target, whether it is weeds or plants or the ground, while still being comfortable for you to operate over an extended period of time. The goal is to be able to let the arm hang naturally, and as you hold the wand in place loosely, it hovers just above the target surface. As everyone has a slightly different stature and height, what feels natural and comfortable will differ between people. It is best to visit a store and get a feel for different products and what works for you. However, if you are looking at something online, then you can try to find an implement that is a similar length and weight, and see how it falls when your arm is hanging relaxed. This might seem like quite a bit of work in simply selecting a weed wand, but if you are going to be using it for hours on end then you will be grateful for the extra consideration. Something which is wrong for the user can develop a persistent shoulder ache, as well as slow down your spraying.

The wand is a rigid piece of tubing which acts like a pointer, directing the flow toward its intended point. The wand connects to the tank via a flexible piece of tubing, known as the hose. This often neglected component also needs to be of correct length and sizing in order to ensure that the wand feels at ease in your hand. If it is too long it could kink and interrupt the flow, or catch on something and cause you to trip, or could damage the hose itself. A hose that is too long can also decrease the pressure that has built up in the tank before it reaches the nozzle. The hose must be long enough so that you never jerk it out of place. It is worth making sure that you purchase a high quality, trusted brand for this item, as inferior pieces are prone to perishing very quickly, especially if they kink.

You can ask your local team all about buying the best sprayers and replacement parts that will work best for your situation. They will be able to help out with anything so long as you know how you intend to use your sprayer. While you’re there, ask them about the best performing nozzles and tanks as well. Please do not hesitate to have a chat to the Friendly Agricultural Sprayers Team at Green Gorilla.

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