Metal Accents Aren’t Just For The Industrial

Steel or aluminium pieces throughout the home can deliver a range of looks. While the grungy, industrial chic look is very popular at the moment, this is by far not all that metal can offer. Learn how to incorporate metal balustrades in Adelaide stylishly and expertly into your home.

Metal balustrading is typically black, silver or grey; however, this lack of vibrant colour does not mean that metal balustrading will make any less of a statement. Whichever finish you choose, it usually creates a striking contrast to the wall behind it. This combined with uniform horizontal or vertical lines can give your balustrading plenty of definition.

One of the great things about metal banisters is that they barely show any signs of damage. Timber tends to scratch and scuff as people knock against it or are carrying things up and down the stairs. As a result, timber needs frequent polishing as well as the occasional sanding to keep it in good condition. Metal banisters only need an occasional session with a feather duster, or a wipe with a damp cloth. Metal banisters do tend to cost more in the beginning than timber ones, however the maintenance and renovation costs of timber can make it more costly in the long run. Metal can also provide greater support with less danger for heavier residents.

Metal can look at home in just about any aesthetic, from ultra-modern to quirky. In a French provincial-inspired home, metal is the most appropriate choice for a spiral balustrade, as other materials can have difficulty with such a tight curve. There are some rules to follow that apply across all Balustrades in Adelaide. Importantly, gaps are not allowed to be large enough to fit a 125mm sphere through. In the case of spiral staircases, the balustrading design may be slightly uneven and so it is important to ensure you abide by these regulations.

Balustrades Adelaide

The design options are truly endless with metal. Vertical bars and horizontal taut wires are popular choices, however you could also create an artistic spiral pattern or use mesh panels for something a bit different. Work with an interior designer to brainstorm some unique ideas that complement the existing tone and style of your house. Timber can be modern and steel can be traditional; it all depends on how you style it. Metal immediately brings to mind a reflective surface, and indeed this can be highlighted with the use of mirrors and glass throughout your home or apartment. Metallic wallpapers are a popular current trend that really introduces that wow-factor to a room. However, metal can also have a matte finish, depending on your preference. This is a great choice if you have stone tiling or a cast iron fireplace.

If you do choose metal, beware of the most common design complaint, which is things catching on sharp edges. Uniform bars or wires generally present no problem as long as the stair case is used properly. Your lighting should also be carefully planned so that it best displays your new metal balustrading. A shiny silver steel banister for example, risks looking too clinical and sterile if it is under a bright white light. Choose a warmer, yellow light to counteract this effect.

Metal banisters can be used for stairs inside and out, as well as balcony railing. This means that it could not be easier to maintain a consistent theme throughout your entire property. From the simple to the elaborate, the Fencing World team will be able to take care of all of your balustrades styles in Adelaide at

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