Upcycle Your Old Windows

When you call in for professional glass replacement in Adelaide, you can have the option to have your old windows taken away. Most people don’t even think twice about their old windows, assume they are useless, and opt to have the installation company take them away free of charge.

Before you dismiss your old window frames, consider some creative ways that you could repurpose them for attractive decorating around the house. One of the quirkiest and most inventive uses for your old window is to create some one of a kind furniture. A grid timber frame with the glass still in it for example can make a fantastic table top, or even the door for a cabinet or bedside table. The options are endless when it comes to how to stain, distress or otherwise dress up your timber. A white paint wash can give a French provincial theme, while some people love to make the natural hue of the timber the hero of the piece. The best part about leaving the timber natural is that your window frames are often chosen because of how the wood blends with the rest of the house. This means it is quite possible for you to make a piece of furniture which instantly fits into its surroundings, while still adding an interesting personal flair.

Glass Replacement Adelaide

How about using the quirky grid frame as a room divider screen? Add some hinges between larger panels and fit with some opaque material or glass. Use two or three for a stylish modesty screen, or three on each side for a bi fold wall between kitchen and dining. Again, using the natural timber will pick up on natural elements throughout the home. What better way to create character furniture than form the parts of the house itself? Shelving and practical hangers are also practical second lives for your old windows. Prop a couple of refurbished panes up vertically, facing each other. Pass planks through the corresponding levels to create a fabulously unique shelving unit. Secure them when you are satisfied with the appearance. These shelves can be used indoors for a quirky bookshelf, or in the garden for a herb garden. Maybe make a little knick-knacks shelf, complete with some hanging hooks for keys and coats that can stand by the door.

Are you walls looking a little bare? Instead of paying ridiculous amounts on some art works that you will like for a year or so, why not get the satisfaction of making something yourself? Crafts don’t have to be kitsch; it all depends on how you execute the piece. Window frames have been used very cleverly as a kind of wall decoration, with each pane filled with fabrics or photographs that have been blown up.

If you can’t see a place for your upcycled windows in your home, then take it to the garden. Those with plenty of windows to spare might like to look to bigger structural projects. Any kids will love a cubby house or tree house, and your window frames can offer half of the material needed to build one. Alternatively, windows with their glass still in them make for the perfect greenhouse walls. All you have to do is arrange your frames in an orderly fashion and secure them and voilà, you have one wall ready. All it takes is some initial inspiration and creativity, and it is easy to get motivated with so many crafty websites, zines and blogs.

If you would like to chat about Immediate Glass Replacement in Adelaide from our delightful team at Q Glass and Glazing.

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