How to Avoid Getting Locked Out at 3:00AM

No one likes getting locked out of their home. You feel stupid, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s usually when you’re in a hurry or at an inconvenient time. The good news is that with some handy tips and the number of an Emergency 24 Hours Locksmith in Adelaide just in case, you don’t have to stress.

Adelaide locksmith

First of all, the old spare set of keys can be an absolute lifesaver in these frustrating situations. Of course, it is always a good idea to have a trusted party, possibly a family member or close friend, hold onto a pair so that there is always a plan B. If this person lives in the same suburb that that is going to be a big bonus, especially if your aforementioned lost keys happen to share your car key chain. It might also be worth having a spare set of keys for yourself. This sounds silly, but I you have one set in each handbag that you use frequently for example, then this can be very handy. Perhaps keep one in your wallet, something that is rarely out of your sight.

There is of course the concept of a spare key hidden somewhere on the property, and this can have its ups and downs. A spare key under the doormat or under a conveniently placed flowerpot is going to do more harm than good, as these are the first places burglars will look. If you are going to keep a spare key, be responsible and keep it somewhere obscure. Then again, the other side of the coin is that you don’t want it to be a place that is forgotten by you. A forgotten key is no good to anyone, and in fact it can be dangerous to have unaccounted for keys out there in the world. If you are renting, the next tenant might be at risk because of your error. Spare keys are for emergencies, and should not be relied upon for regular use. When they are relied upon, it is likely that at some time or other someone will leave it in the wrong spot, or it too will get lost.

If you are renting, then there is always the option that you can call your landlord or real estate agent if you happen to get locked out within office hours. For those renting with house mates, these people should be your first port of call. Calling the landlord is fine as a last resort, but is far from ideal. It is normal for everyone to lose their keys every now and then, even for the most responsible people. However, if you find yourself making several calls to your landlord to come and help you out, then it sends the message that you cannot cope with this responsibility and this will likely reflect poorly on you as a tenant. Renters should also be aware that making copies of your keys has implications for your landlord. They chose to rent to you and likely gave you a certain number of keys. They have not yet consented to you making extra copies, and doing so without their permission could have some serious consequences. You will need to formally request making copies, and specify how many you are going to have cut. Perhaps frame your request as being beneficial to your landlord so that you won’t be a nuisance to them if you happen to get locked out.

Of course, if you do find that you are locked out outside of office hours, or simply want to settle the issue without disturbing others, then a locksmith is always the answer. Keep in mind the Efficient 24 hours locksmith service in Adelaide from Marion Locksmiths.

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