Think About Safety Gates in Your yard

The backyard can be an exciting world for children to explore. While this can be rewarding and a site of learning, it can also be a place of danger if the right precautions are not taken. Consider limiting access to specific inappropriate areas with the use of secure gates designs in Adelaide.

Perhaps the main area that must be properly secured at all times is the backyard pool. Any body of water can be hazardous to unsupervised children. Even the most responsible children can slip and knock themselves unconscious, and drown in as little as 10cm of water.  The Australian government acknowledges the serious potential dangers of the pool area, which is why it is mandatory to have the area adequate fenced off. There are various strict regulations in place that stipulate the exact height, type and climb-ability requirements of the fence itself. Unsurprisingly, the gate of the fenced off area is also incredibly important, as without an effective gate, the fence is redundant.

Specifically, the gate must be self-closing from any position, so that if someone forgets to close it then it closes itself. It must swing outward from the pool, so that it cannot accidentally be leant on, unlatched, and pushed open. It must also then be latched with an approved device which is out of reach of children, or minimally 1.5 metres from the ground. Like the rest of the fence, the gate must be unclimbable and there should be no gaps big enough for little ones to fit through. A fence should also capture any spa which is located nearby the pool. A hot tub or spa must be fitted with a hard cover to prevent accidents; however, this is not an adequate substitute for a fence.

Gates Adelaide

The pool might be a more obvious danger, and indeed it is covered by law. However, there exist certain other, less emphasised dangers that can have the same negative consequences. The shed or garage is a major one. In many cases, a simple door is not enough to ensure that children playing in the garden don’t decide to take a look inside. Sheds typically have all sorts of sharp tools and materials that are a parent’s worst nightmare. Furthermore, there might be grease and oil from a car that can be a slipping hazard. A standard door to a shed can easily be pushed open, and the handle is often within reach of children. It is a very wise choice therefore, to invest in a separate gate, especially if your shed is down the side of the house or somewhere that can be easily fenced off.

Of course the front gate is another barrier that keeps little ones within your property. Perhaps the main concern on the footpath and the street is of passing cars. While it is not mandatory, it is a good idea to follow some of the safety regulations put in place for pool fencing here, such as having the gate self-latch and making sure the latch is a certain distance from the ground.

Finally you may like to consider indoor gates that separate the different sections of the house. This is more for families with a toddler who is just learning to crawl and slowly walk. It seems that once they take their first steps they cannot be stopped. A gate at the top and the bottom of a staircase is probably the most important barrier. This not only prevents accidents from happening on the stairs themselves, but also prevents access to the second story where there might be balconies and other dangers. For more Detailed Gates Information in Adelaide, please contact Fencing World.

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