Tips For a Clean and Tidy Mac

Have you been neglecting your laptop? Many of us use our computers every day for work, study and leisure, and can take their performance for granted. It is only when we need urgent Apple repairs in Melbourne that we realise we have not taken the time to properly care for our devices.

First things first, try to declutter your space as much as possible. Apple is known for their iconic minimalist design, but this all goes out the window if your desk is covered in a nest of cables. One by one, follow each cable that is in the back of your Mac and ensure it is in use. You may find that you still have your old scanner plugged in that you no longer use. You may also find that you’ve plugged things back in hastily and as a result all of your cords are twisted around each other. Take the time to unknot them and plug them in so that they are unobstructed. Tension on the cables over time caused by twists and knots can reduce their lifespan.

Next you will want to do a physical clean of some of the more sensitive components of your computer. The LCD screen will get dirty quite quickly, and it is a good idea to give it a quick clean to avoid the build-up of fingerprints and oily spots. Never apply liquid directly onto the screen, and you will want to avoid any abrasive cleaning materials that may physically scratch the screen. Use a fine microfibre cloth which will pick up any fibres and leave a streak free finish. The cloth can be dampened lightly, and perhaps used with a gentle cleaning solution over the surface of the screen. Be careful not to apply too much pressure that can damage the LCD, or the touch function if you have a touch screen. On your laptop, repeat this gentle wipe and clean of the tracking pad, paying careful attention to not trap any crumbs or particles in the edges.

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One of the biggest things that will need cleaning out is the fan Macs can be known for overheating, which means that the fan has to work overtime. Remove the fan and importantly pay attention to cleaning the heatsink with either a reverse vacuum cleaner or compressed air. People have reported all sorts of problems, from patchy Wi-Fi connections to a flickering display, all of which were instantly solved with a quick clean of the heatsink. The tiny fins of this component can trap chunks of dust over the years, and should be cleaned at least once a year.

Decluttering and cleaning can also happen with your software. A common complaint of slow loading upon start up can be solved by disabling some of the applications which automatically open upon login. Go into System Preferences > Users & Groups and uncheck anything you don’t need. Also permanently delete all of your trash bin items to free up space. After doing this simple clean out, you should notice faster speeds and your computer taking newer mid-work naps. Remember to update to the latest operating system whenever available. It’s totally free and will make your life easier.

Is Finder being unbearably slow? This could be because there are too many files stored on your Desktop. Use this space as a temporary store when you need to access something immediately, and then delete it or move it somewhere more secure afterwards. Finder treats Desktop items as windows, so if you have heaps then this can seriously impact how fast it functions. Clear it out and it should improve. For further tips or a Professional Apple Repairs Service in Melbourne, contact to Mac Zen.

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