Eco Friendly Farming

An effective agricultural sprayers nozzle will minimise the negative impact that your farming has on the environment around you. Farming and harvesting crops, or even just tending a home garden, should be about using the land to its full potential without exploiting it. At any time when the land or the environment begins to suffer, it is time to rethink methods and work towards a more sustainable approach. After all, the word sustainable means that we can keep doing what we are doing for a long period of time.

First of all, having a sprayer of any sort is much better than applying pesticides, fertilisers and insecticides by any other earlier means. There are of course more modern, highly effective technologies out there that surpass the humble backpack sprayer, however these are really only feasible for big agriculture business. So, while there are certainly some tweaks that can be made to adjust your sprayer, simply having one in the first place is an excellent first step.

Agricultural Sprayers

Next, you need to take a closer look at your nozzle. One of the main functions of the nozzle is to adjust droplet size. While it may not sound like much, this is in fact a very important feature to get right, not only for the vitality of your plants but also to minimise environmental impact. The droplet size must be just right. If it is too large, then you will not adequately cover your plants with whatever you are spraying, and the result will be patches of weeds or only sporadic growing success. There is also another downside to a large droplet size, and this is that you may generate unwanted run off. Think about it like when it rains. A light, fine shower is going to evenly cover everything and immediately absorb into the soil. Steady rain over an extended period of time however, is likely to cause rivers running through the crops. It is the same principle, but on a more concentrated level. Any run off is not only a waste of product, but it sends potentially toxic chemicals into the wider environment. From here, they can pollute other soil off of your property, pollute water ways and be a hazard to livestock.

There are also risks associated with a droplet size that is too small. Very small droplets do not have enough weight to fall to the ground and cover the intended area. They will get caught on the breeze and disperse into the wider environment. Again, this will both take the product away from its intended usage and result in patchy application, as well as impacting the surrounding landscape. Because the product is dispersed in a fine mist, it makes evaporation entirely likely. Whereas before with a large droplet size, the product does not absorb quickly into the soil, here it absorbs too quickly into the air. Chemicals can be spread via the water cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

Using a sprayer allows for a more precise and responsible approach to agriculture. There has recently been increased public concern surrounding the release of chemicals of this nature into the environment. As such, it would not be unreasonable to assume that stricter regulations may soon come into place. Precision spraying is of course important also to minimise potential ingestion of chemicals by the sprayer themselves. Minimising drift by controlling droplet size tackles both of these dangers at the same time.

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