Decoding The Language Of Real Estate Agents

In many situations, a little white lie is not a big deal. In the land of real estate however, agents are known for twisting the truth to new levels just so that they can get more people visiting an inspection. While they may be clever with language, they cannot outright lie, so learn how to effectively decode the confusing real estate agent jargon in Melbourne.

Real Estate Agent Melbourne Melbourne Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents try to portray everything in a positive light, so you have to be very sceptical when reading or listening to what they have to say. There are some words that are immediate red flags. For example, anything that is ‘cosy’, we know means that it is way too small. Likewise, ‘rustic’ translates directly to mean dilapidated, as does that old favourite, ‘renovator’s dream’. In fact, this latter phrase often indicates that there are serious structural issues to contend with as well as a deteriorated exterior. ‘Old world charm’ or ‘has character’ does often mean that the house has some interesting features, but it can be at the expense of natural light. Another word to look out for is ‘functional’. On seeing this, a reader may be tricked into thinking it means well-designed or efficient, as in highly functional. In most cases however, a ‘functional bathroom’ essentially means that the plumbing and electricity is connected. You have been warned.

Here in Melbourne, many residents rely on public transport for commuting to and from work, as well as for leisurely getting around. This means that being clos tot public transport links is a necessity for many home buyers. However, many people would agree that there is such a thing as being too close to something like a major train station. A quick Google search of the street address should help you spot any immediate alarm bells. Keep in mind that the open inspection of a house right near a station is likely to be scheduled at a quiet time. Visit the property again at another to see if the noise is bearable for you.

One thing that continues to fool optimistic buyers time and time again is that ‘half a bedroom’ trick. If you see a house listed as having 3.5 bedrooms, then it will not fit your five person family unless the kids are doubling up. What constitutes half a bedroom today was once considered a pantry or a study. Originally, the half a bedroom term was intended to mean a room which could comfortably fit a single but not a double bed. Nowadays this term really is pushed to the limits, and as a result plenty of buyers are disappointed to find that their half a bedroom is not an appropriate bedroom at all.

There’s that classic one that we all know to look out for, and that is the ‘low maintenance garden’. Translation: concrete. Or worse, fake grass. Of course, this is one of the things that can be rather simply and affordably changed if you appreciate the other elements of the home. And indeed it is true that there are some great low maintenance options for greenery that don’t leave your yard looking desolate, such as trees and resilient flowering plants. On the other side of the coin, there have been instances where ‘thriving garden’ actually means overgrown jungle in the backyard that hasn’t been maintained in years, however this is more usually tackled before inspection time.

It seems like a confusion task to figure out the true meaning of a real estate agent’s spiel and it is, so why not avoid the complication altogether and look at homes that exist within a completely agent-free platform designed to deliver transparent information from seller to buyer. Choose the Successful Real Estate Agent Alternative in Melbourne with Bid Rhino.


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