Why You Need A Roof Clean

Some people cannot fathom why a roof would need professional roof cleaning work in Melbourne. After all, doesn’t the wind blow away any leaves? Doesn’t rain wash away any dirt and then the sun dry it all off and leave the roof sparkling clean? While this may happen to some extent, and it certainly does make your job a lot easier, the elements alone cannot be relied upon to keep your roof adequately clean. It needs a thorough manual or automatic clean every now and then too.

The reason why you need to clean your roof on a fairly regular basis is because it is expose to so many things that can cause a deterioration of paint finishes and sealed surfaces, as well as things that stain and just look ugly. Perhaps the most obvious threat to a clean roof is leaf litter and small debris such as twigs. Overhanging trees are a nightmare for this, however even with no trees immediately close by it is still possible that the wind can deposit quite the pile of leaf litter in your gutters and on your roof. If you have a particularly complex or large roof, with lots of valleys and angles then this means that you might need a more regular clean. A popular problem is with homes which have added an extended room or verandah, and this often forms a spot where twigs and leaves get caught over time.

So why is leaf litter such a bad thing? When dry, leaves can prevent a fire hazard. When wet, a big pile will take a long time to try, and remain moist for days. Your roof is not designed to be in contact with moisture constantly. In fact, it is designed to be efficient at draining water away so that it does not seep in and cause rot damage. A wet pile of leaves is also going to be more resistant to being blown or washed away naturally, and should be pressure washed or cleaned out manually.

Roof Cleaning Melbourne

The next hazard to a clean roof is in the form of the inhabitants. Bird droppings are the main culprit that can affect any roof from birds resting or flying overhead. Some more serious staining comes when possums or birds decide to make your roof their more permanent home. An increase in droppings is a good indication that this might be the case, and there can be far worse damage such as burrowing and blocking drainpipes to start to investigate the situation.

As well as staining or clogging, there are some things which can downright damage your roof. Falling braches and hail are the two main culprits, with curious burrowing and nesting animals coming in at a close third. Aside from maybe the bigger falling branches, the damage caused by these event scan go unnoticed until you actually climb up onto your roof for a clean. It is then that you see first-hand some of the scratching and physical damage. Hail and ice can cause cracking and splintering of shingles or tiles that break the water resistant barrier. There are also some things that simply cannot be prevented, such as the fading of the paint work caused by the sun. This is just a natural part of what your roof has to endure, and after 10 or fifteen years you might look at repainting. Again, it is often not until you approach the surface that you appreciate the extent of the damage and can choose ot do something about it before it gets worse.

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