Life Lessons Learned Through Dance

Most of us can remember happy memories of childhood extracurricular activities; perhaps we learnt a musical instrument or played sports after school. There are valuable life skills to be learned through these activities, as well as the more immediate benefits of fitness, mind stimulation and learning a new creative skill.

Especially with enjoyable Dancing Classes in Melbourne at a young age, children can learn cooperation, rhythm and the joy of movement.

Dancing Classes Melbourne

Dance is a very natural phenomenon, and while it might be a little forceful at the start when beginners are nervous, after a new session everyone loosens up and starts to enjoy themselves. Dance is exercise in disguise, and what a great disguise it is. You don’t even realise that it is physically demanding because you’re having such a great time in the moment. Perhaps the most important lesson is that exercise and fitness can be lots of fun. Sadly, this is a message that just isn’t getting through to so many of the younger generations. Instilling these priorities of fitness and health early on can help to establish promising habits for the long term.

As well as fitness, dance teaches exceptional posture. Any hunches or slouches are corrected over time until the natural resting position is one of a straight back and square shoulders. This is an excellent foundation for later on, especially when studying for long periods of time, and even an office job that demands the employee be sat in a chair for eight hours a day.

As children progress and begin to hone their craft, dance teaches a great deal of discipline. Not discipline in the sense that it is punishing, but discipline in the sense that the individual recognises that they have to put in the work if they want to achieve success. Even in group dance, there is no one to hide behind. Of course, there are some dance schools that could be said to take this a bit too far, and put unnecessary strain on young ones. It is a good idea to do your research into a school, and find one that holds a reputation as being supportive and relaxed as well as offering higher those levels if they are needed. As children continue with their dance, they can refine their choreography and their posture.

Finally, dance teaches both leadership when necessary, as well as cooperation and teamwork skills at other times. Something like a tango demands exceptional synchronisation, but also the male tends to lead. It fosters strong bonds and early friendships in this fun yet challenging environment. There is a semester or yearly concert that gives dancers a goal to work toward, and helps with developing organisational and time management skills. Putting your child in a class with like-minded others is a great idea. It will give them a chance to build relationships and connections outside of the school classroom. Not everyone is academically inclined, and it is so important to let your child know that there is a broad range of activities that you can enjoy and be good at.

Dance is a rewarding and stimulating activity that many adults look back upon and credit with their confidence and appreciation for health. If you manage to find a talented and understanding teacher that works at your child’s pace, then your child will have a great time. Help your child to find their talent, and who knows, there could be a lifetime of enjoyment with dance. You never know until you try new things. To find out about the flexible Dancing classes timetable in Melbourne, get in touch with Stage School Australia.


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