Essential Features In The Modern Australian Home

Modern Australian architecture and decorating can be quite stunning. There are certain features that characterise this contemporary style that can bring a sense of light, style and sophistication into any new home.With some help from talented custom home builders in Adelaide, any family can enjoy this beautiful, sleek aesthetic.

Custom Builders Adelaide

The summers are hot and the days are long, and here in Australia we love nothing more than to laze around in the afternoons and soak up the sun. Day beds, hammocks or hanging chairs are simple statement pieces that are as luxurious as they are stylish. The modern Australian home is about having it all, and in order to do that, we need a home that shifts with our changing needs. A space that can be a tranquil oasis in the daytime and be transformed into the perfect night time setting for a cocktail or dinner party is what we are after. Look into the shade and roofing options for outdoor areas, and find a solution that can let in the sun when you want it, and provide shelter from harsh sun or rain. Louvres can be a highly sophisticated choice, in rich timber or cool steel.

Following the theme of creating the most amount of usable space, many bright sparks have had the brainwave of turning their roof space into something magical. This is the space that after all grabs the most sunlight year round. Before you build, ask your builder about the possibilities of a rooftop terrace. This smart idea is guaranteed to add big money onto the value of your property, not to mention provide endless memories of stargazing or drinking in the view. From this unobstructed viewpoint, you are in the perfect spot to see a panorama of your landscape or suburb. It is just like a balcony, only higher up and therefore with a better view.

Builders Adelaide

There is no doubt that one of the defining features of the contemporary Australian home is with its typical open plan living arrangement. Walls are removed or segmented where possible, with the kitchen, living and dining brought together in one big space. This approach is especially successful for smaller homes, where more walls immediately confine the space.

If you still feel that your areas need a little more separation, consider features such as a sunken floor or a change of flooring material. As well as this distinct aesthetic advantage, an open plan style is inviting and brings family and friends together at events as well as during the everyday. Further emphasise a sense of space and light with large windows, skylights and warm lighting solutions. While glass was once considered an insulation nightmare, modern styles such as double glazed or specially designed thermal glass can offer high levels of energy efficiency.

Modernity is about minimalist and understated style. It can look great in magazines, but once people attempt to bring it into their home or apartment, some issues come to light. First of all, in order for minimalism to work, you have to first get rid of the clutter. This doesn’t necessarily mean discarding your possessions, although a cleanout might help. The answer is in clever storage. Hidden wardrobes, under stair and under bed storage are absolutely essential. Cellars and attic spaces should also be used to their full potential, not as places to stash junk.

If you would like to speak with a professional about updating, invigorating and refreshing your home, or simply designing a modern wonder from the very first step, then you should get in touch with a proven contemporary building business. You can reach Beechwood Homes, the leading custom home builders team in Adelaide.


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