Change Your Glass Style

When you need to replace broken or damaged glass, it is a good time to reassess exactly what you want. Before you arrange hasty glass replacement in Adelaide, take a look at the options available for change or upgrade.

Glass has come a long way in even the last ten years.  This means that even if you looked at all of the possibilities when your window or balustrade was first installed, there is likely to be so much more choice available today. Everything from appearance to functionality could be improved.

If your glass was on a second story or in a hard to reach place, you may wish to consider a stain resistant material for your upgrade. Balustrades surrounding a balcony are no doubt going to come in direct contact with the elements. Things like high wind speeds, twigs and bugs can all scratch and smear your beautiful glass. It is simply not realistic to clean more than once every so often, meaning that you have to put up with smudged glass that looks unsightly. Scratch resistant glasses will also protect from curious kids and accidental bumps.

Energy efficiency is an area that has become a focus for just about every building and household material or appliance. More and more homeowners are realising that highly efficient choices are the way to go. Whether for financial or conscience reasons, people are demanding better and better products that help out the environment. Glass is no different.

Glass Replacement Adelaide

Several years ago, glass was a notoriously bad insulator. Floor to ceiling windows may have looked stunning, but they were a very poor functional design choice. Blinds could reverse some of the damage, but it was no secret that the heating and cooling bills throughout the year would remain high as energy freely escaped. Having recognised this big flaw, glass manufacturers began to brainstorm ways in which they could improve their product. The result was an extra thick product which keeps the heat in in winter and out in summer.

In winter, we receive a low arc of sun throughout the day. When the sun shines directly on windows, the magnifying element can make the most of the warmth available. The double thickness then prevents any of this valuable heat form leaving. In summer, it is overhead where the sun’s rays beat down from. Reflective roofing should be able to bounce away most of the heat, while the thick insulation of the windows will keep the home extra cool. Of course, heating and cooling will still likely be needed, but your choice of window glass can help a little bit of energy go much further.

Next comes the topic of privacy. Large windows can be lovely to look out of, but it is a two way street, Just as easily as you can look out, people can gaze right back in. At night especially when there are lights on inside, people walking around is simply going to attract attention. Curtains or drapes seem to be the obvious choice, so that you can let sun in during the day and also have privacy at night. However, it is so easy to forget to draw your curtains. Think of how often you can accidently see into your neighbours’ house at night. It’s unsettling. Frosted or dimpled glass can be the answer.

Building regulations may have also changed since the last time you installed glass. Talk to a builder or consult your council building regulations regarding second floor windows. Above a certain height, windows are required to be frosted so as to improve privacy between neighbours. Get in touch with Q Glass and Glazing at to chat about the Modern Glass Replacement Benefits in Adelaide.

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