A Carport Beats A Shade Sail Any Day

Some vehicle owners seem to think that they have found the affordable alternative to quality Adelaide carports.  After all, they can provide the same protection from the sun without the expensive design, installation and paintjob, right? Wrong.

First of all, that one central premise is incorrect. A shade sail may cast a shadow and prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating its surface, but the truth is that it does not provide constant protection for your car. Unlike a permanent carport, a shade sail is largely two dimensional. It is a flat or slightly twisted sheet stretched above your driveway. This may provide coverage in the heat of the day when the sun is high in the sky, but not at other times. The sun travels in an arc, so this structure would leave a vehicle vulnerable in the mornings and hot afternoons. In winter in particular, your car would be hit by the sun throughout the whole day.

A shade sail requires rigid supports between which it can hang. Several poles will look odd, and the most popular option people seem to prefer is attached one side to the home and the other so some other pillar structure or wall. This means that your makeshift ‘carport’ sail is going to most likely need to be next to your house. A real carport is far more flexible in that it can be attached or detached from the home, and placed further down the property where there is more room.


Next, shade sails can look plain unattractive. They look temporary and last minute even when they aren’t. These pieces of fabric can look breezy and summery stretched over a pool or in the garden, but in a concrete driveway they look out of place. They cannot replace a more rigid structure, but instead should be some extra shade surrounded by greenery in the backyard. A carport by contrast can match the colour palette, style and era or your house so that the property as a whole is much more cohesive.

You do not need to worry about the money you spend on your carport going to waste, because a carport that is executed to a high standard can add much more in value to your home than it ever cost to erect. The final reason for avoiding the shade sail trend is that they can pose a serious threat as a fire hazard. Over a pool, you are not going to have a problem with fire. However, cars heat up if they are left running, and in a relatively enclosed space this could be a problem. Even if the fire has nothing to do with your vehicle, and starts from a barbeque nearly, the material that shade sails are made from is often highly combustible. It will go up in flames, and the flames will be directed straight towards your attached home. Should an accident ever happen under your carport, the wood would singe slowly enough that it could easily be put out before a real disaster could begin.

Lastly, in any sort of serious weather condition, such as a storm or hail, a shade sail is not going to provide much protection at all. All it is really good for is protection from the sun, not other weather elements like rain and wind which can be just as damaging to the paintwork. Talk to your local provider about budget, size dimensions and appearance of a solid structure that would complement your home. Please contact Pergolarific to chat about your Budding Adelaide Carports Plans.


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