Solar is The Smart Choice for Business

Are you thinking of chatting to a licensed electrician in Port Melbourne about whether you should make the solar change? Choosing solar for your business can have a huge number of benefits, from financial savings to improving your company image in the eyes of future clients. But one of the most daunting aspects of making the change is in deciding which size panel would be appropriate. You never know whether salespeople are just trying to upsell to get their commission, and all those numbers can be hard to interpret with no real anchor. Here we will look objectively at one example, the 20kW system, and see in real terms who can benefit and what the outcomes will be.

A 20kW system is at the larger end of the scale, and so will require a significant amount of roof space. The usual formation of this system is with 80 x 250W panels, which can be arranged in the most efficient manner for the space available. The first thing to work out is how much roof space is available. If you don’t have the room for a 20kW system, then you can rule it out straight away. You will need approximately 160 – 200m² of roof space. North facing is ideal, however panels on a flat roof can be angled northwards.

Electrician Port Melbourne

The question everyone wants answered is just how much power a system like this will produce, and will this totally cover the business’s energy usage? The answer is probably not. Unless your office or warehouse is one of the most energy efficient, environmentally conscious locations around, then you will not be able to receive 100% of your power from a 20kW solar system. It is estimated that a small business in Melbourne might use around 175kWh of energy per day. In the height of summer on a clear day with clean panels, a 20kW system could be expected to produce around 100kWh, and about 60kWh in winter. Averaging this out to approximately 80kWh per day, business can enjoy almost 46% of their daily energy to be supplied by their solar panels.

Now it’s time to talk costs. A solar system of this size will cost around $40,000 to install, however the great news is that once this cost is completed, there are virtually no operational costs. A system of this size can expect to produce energy savings of $4000 – $9000 per year, meaning that it could pay for itself in as little as five years. From a long term financial point of view, this is a huge ongoing saving.

Now is considered a good time to buy. In 2008 when government schemes were just being introduced, solar panels were still a novelty and thus very expensive. They did not yet have the huge demand that we see now, and so manufacturers could charge what they liked. Now, the market is far more competitive as more and more people realise that solar is a legitimate and strategic business move, especially in these larger scale installations. Adjusting for inflation, the $40,000 figure that is estimated today is about a quarter of the cost of the same system in 2008.

The final step once you have chosen the correct size of your system is to select a good inverter. A reputable company with experienced technicians on site will be able to offer guidance and professional advice in this category. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Expert Electrician Team in Port Melbourne.


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