Fencing That Everyone Can Agree On

Anyone who has had that tricky conversation knows that installing a fence has the potential to create a rift between neighbours. Material, colour and height are just some of the factors that neighbours may have very differing opinions on. The good news is that installing a resilient Colorbond fencing option in Adelaide can eliminate many of these awkward disagreements.

Many people arrive at the Colorbond choice after their old timber fence has rotted or failed. Even the best timber fencing will eventually need replacing, and fencers who cut corners and use untreated wood can really be a nuisance. If this is the case, damage will begin to show in only a few short years. When you choose Colorbond for your next fence, you can know that the decision will be one that rewards you both for far longer.

Perhaps the best thing about Colorbond steel is that it looks good from both sides. There is no good and bad side as there is with many other fencing styles. Timber paling for example, looks beautiful at the front, but the back is characterised by large support planks. This may suite your needs for other types of fencing, such as at the front of the house, but for a neighbouring divide this is not appropriate. It is not fair to have one neighbour enjoy the front and the other have to deal with the ugly back. This has the potential to ruin the entire carefully planned aesthetic of your garden and yard.

Fencing Adelaide

Having a fence that looks good on both sides is kind of a no brainer when you want to get on with your neighbours. What is more controversial is the colour choice. This age old debate that has hassled neighbours everywhere still goes on. You are very lucky if you live on a street where many of the homes are in a similar style and colour palette, as this will hopefully make the colour choice much easier. Because both neighbours typically chip in 50% of the cost of a new fence, both feel like they have equal claim to the decisions involved, which they do.

Colorbond steel is designed to mimic the naturally occurring colours of the Australian landscape, from Harvest to Bluestone and Teatree. This fact means that an array of colours from the range will no doubt look fantastic situated among Australian backyards and trees, and it will only be a matter of choosing the favourite of many. Furthermore, Colorbond colours are considered the industry standard for building. This means that other paint and building manufacturers look to these tones when designing their products. They know that Colorbond is so popular among Australian residences that the owners will be looking to match their fence or roof. If you and your neighbour simply cannot agree under any circumstances, then there are other options. Two different coloured panels can be placed back to back within the same bracket, with only the railings being a different colour for one neighbour.

Once you do agree and your new fence is installed, you can be confident that there will be no disorderly disputes over your fence in the future. With virtually no ongoing maintenance other than the occasional squirt with the hose, there will be no arguing about cleans or repairs. With no gaps between metal panels, there will be no cause to weed out pesky plants, and you do not need to worry about pets digging beneath or climbing over. If you would like to view the Complete Colorbond Fencing Colours in Adelaide.


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