Tips and Tricks To Housing Your Abundance of Women Shoes

I have a confession to make, I love women’s shoes. It doesn’t matter if they’re pumps, sandals or boots I have to have them. At the turn of every season, I get excited thinking about the new shoes I can buy. It’s safe to say, I have a bit of a online shopping addition, and have many shoe boxes delivered to my door during the week.

Ever since I watched the Sex and the City movie, when Big presents Carrie with her new walk-in wardrobe, I have dreamed of having something similar to display my own shoes. Unfortunately though, my budget doesn’t stretch and the dream is a little out reach. With that being said, it doesn’t mean I can’t display my shoes nicely. After a little interior decoration research, I found these amazing methods to home my shoes. The trouble is, I’m still trying to work out which cool design is best for me.

Mix and match your loves together
The chances are if you love shoes then you also have a strong, committed relationship to handbags and jewellery as well. Therefore, you are looking for places to display your other treasured items, not just your shoes. Why not mix and match your items together to create a beautiful display. Purchase a shelf and allow it to reflect your own personal style. If you are a girly, girly, cover it with your pink items, while if monochromes are more your thing, go for that type of style.

Womens Shoes

Living spaces
If you have a shoe collection that is worth showing off, don’t just keep your shoes confined to your bedroom. Allow your beautiful shoes to sit in all their glory in their living room. This idea works perfectly if you have build-in shelves in your living area.  Any shoe lover will tell you, that some shoes are pieces of artwork, and they can really look good in the living room. Make sure you don’t just leave it to shoes, and also incorporate decorative objects into the display.

Hang up
This season all the raise is over the knee boots. While this is great for keeping you warm and looking stylish, it’s not such great news for your wardrobe. Boots, especially long ones, can take up a lot of room in your wardrobe. Rather than letting them clutter the bottom of your wardrobe, why not try hanging them? This is a great tip to store your boots, as it makes them easily accessible, as well as keeps them in pristine condition. There are many shops that sell boot hangers, so get shopping.

Shoe closet, anyone?
What could be better than a whole closet devoted to your shoes? Even the thought gives me excitement quivers. The great news is you don’t need Kim Kardashian’s budget to make this dream a reality. Simply, convert an armoire into your own shoe closet that has an elegant touch. When it comes to packing your shoes away, arrange them so the bigger boots are at the back and the flats are at the back.

A special place for every shoe
If you are the type of woman that rotates between several favourite pairs of shoes then this storage system may be perfect for you. Try purchasing an old bookcase and reverting it into a shoe storage system. Make sure the bookcase has display doors attached, so you can have easy access to your favourite shoes.

If you’re like me, do yourself a favour and try out one of these designs. Once your shoe storage is up and running, give yourself a reward and buy a new pair of shoes to house in it. My favourite women’s shoe shop online at the moment is Shoe Shed at Take a look and buy yourself a nice new pair of women’s shoes.


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