Store Your Women Shoes The Way Tthey Deserve To Be

There’s something about women’s shoes that draws ladies in and turns them into zoombies. Have you ever watched women walking past a shoe shop at a shopping centre and seen how the literally melt when they see a pair of shoes they like. Their eyes immediately latch onto the shoes in question, and as if in a trans, they stop what they are doing and head directly inside. I’m not one to talk, as I love shoes with a passion. I have even been known to purchase 20 odd pairs whilst overseas in a frenzied sale. Unfortunately though my shoe binges have left me with a messy closet littered with shoes. To make matters worse because I’m not the tidiest of people, my shoes are getting a little damaged, whilst they sit and wait for me to take them out for a spin. If your situation sounds like mine, I have good news. You too can display your shoes with pride, without needing a whopping budgets. Below are some amazing shoe storage ideas that ensure your shoes get their chance to sparkle.

Heel to toe

If you are already blessed with a ceiling-to-floor shoe shelf then I am a little envious, but still willing to help you. A good way to store your shoes in this type of shelving, is the shoes facing front and back. That means, if you have a pair of heels for example, one heel is facing the front and the other is next to it, facing the opposite way. This organization method not only maximises shelving space, but also allows you to instantly see the look of the whole shoe on complete glance. If you’re a bit of a neat freak, you can organise your shoes in colour order, and also group them by style.

Womens Shoes

Furniture with two lives If you are like me and don’t have a lot of wardrobe space, then it’s time you think outside of the box. Other pieces of furniture can actually be great for holding your shoes, even if they weren’t originally designed to. If you don’t have a large budget, heading to an op shop is a good idea, as those shops seem to hold a lot of treasures, at very reasonable prices. One excellent piece of furniture that is great to store shoes is a glass cabinet. With large shelves, it easily holds your shoes, whilst also displaying them in a visually pleasing manner. If the furniture your find isn’t large enough to accommodate all your shoes, a good idea is to arrange your shoes based on seasons. For example, if it’s summer, put all your boots and warm shoes it storage, and place your summer shoes on display in your glass cabinet.

Ladder to success

If you like things a little left of centre then this shoe storage idea could be perfect for you, not to mention easy on the bank account. A decorative lady may seem like a strange inclusion in your bedroom, but it can actually look very stylish, plus store your shoes. Try selecting a shabby chic styled ladder and prop it against a free bedroom wall. Then it’s time to place your shoes on the available spaces, and create your own magnificent, functioning artwork. This sort of look, works perfectly in a vintage styled bedroom.

The best thing about incorporating these designs into your home is you have an excuse to buy new shoes. If you are looking for new women’s shoes, then head online to for affordable shoes.

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