Is Keying Alike a Good Idea?

Keying alike is the process of making a set or suite of locks openable by the one key. It can be incredibly handy in that you only need to carry one key around, but it can also have its downsides in certain situations. Chat to a responsible Adelaide locksmith for a site visit to discuss your situation.

First of all, it should be explicitly stated that keying alike does reduce security. It means that if a person has access to one thing, they have access to the whole lot. This might be what you want, in a business where everyone has the same amount of responsibility and access to the same areas. However, in either a domestic or commercial setting, it also means that a burglar that gets their hands on one key will now be able to enter everywhere. You will be forced to replace the lock, and in this case that means forking out for replacing several rather than just the one that fits your key.

Adelaide Locksmith

Businesses which have a high turnover rate will not be suitable recipients of keying alike services, as it may be easier for keys to fail to be returned and go missing, further jeopardising the security of the premises. Examples of workplaces where keying alike is appropriate may be in busy, medium sized retail stores which have a number of locked store rooms or delivery areas. In a chaotic environment, there is simply no time to fumble with keys. Besides, the security of a storeroom is hardly as crucial as the security of a safe in an office. If you expand and need more locks, or gain more employees and need more keys, then you can simply find your keyed alike lock number and ask your locksmith to create more copies.

Workplaces which have differing responsibilities for different ranks of employee should not use keyed alike locks. Employees should only be able to access areas that they need to access, to avoid temptation and increase culpability. In these situations, a restricted master key system would be best. This allows the boss to access everything with the master key, department heads to access their entire department with restricted master keys, and employees to only access their specific offices or areas with individual keys. These systems can minimise the chances of internal as well as external theft.

One thing to remember with keying alike locks is that they are specially coded, meaning that only your locksmith can arrange to get extra, have them replaced or removed. This is an added safety advantage, in that some random stalker can’t just have your locks changed. However, it is worth making sure you like your locksmith, otherwise you will be tied to them in the future. An unprofessional business which perhaps overcharges or does not perform quality work is not suitable to install your keyed alike locks. Make sure that you have a locksmith you can trust and then keying alike is considered a safe option for homes. It also means that in the event of an emergency, you will be able to find the key to get out instantly.

It should be said many of the advantages of a keyed alike system, mainly finding the right key quickly, could easily be solved with colour coded keys. There are some situations which will benefit from the system without compromising safety. Do your research and weigh up the pros and cons of each side. Please contact Marion Locksmiths to chat to our Respected Adelaide Locksmith Team about whether a keyed alike system is best for you.

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