Colourbond Roofing is The Ultimate Australian Choice

Here in Australia we enjoy an extremely unique climate. We have sizzling heat in summer, and it can get wet and windy in the wintertime. Beautiful Colorbond roofing products aesthetically reflect the beauty of the Australian landscape, as well as of course begin perfectly adapted to make living in harsh conditions that little bit easier. When combined with other energy saving measures, such as orientation and passive cooling techniques, very minimal air conditioning is realistically ever needed.

Perhaps the primary concern of anyone redoing their roof should be the material and what kind of energy efficiency benefits that it can offer. An inefficient roof will heat up as soon as the sun rises in summer, constantly releasing heat into the home throughout the day until sunset. This will either mean an absolutely unbearable temperature inside during those 40˚C+ days, or overreliance on air conditioning. We all know that air conditioning can cost a fortune as is, and it is certainly not something you want to be running all day every day.

Colorbond offers a highly reflective finish, such that instead of being absorbed into the home, most of the sunlight and heat simply bounces off the roof. It is equipped with a feature called Thermatech Technology, which maximises heat retention in winter and keeps it out in summer. This way, you will be saving not only on energy bills but also helping the surrounding environment. In keeping with a sustainable angle, the steel used in manufacturing Colorbond roofing is entirely recyclable. Many years into the future, if you ever wanted to replace your roof, then you will be comforted in knowing that the old one was not another burden on landfill.

Colorbond Roofing

As well as energy efficiency, another key point of concern should be for safety. Colorbond steel is non-combustible, and will not go up in flames as other roofs might. Bush fires are a serious threat, particularly in outback Australia. While your roofing material is hardly going to prevent a fire from approaching your house, it could be the difference between saving and losing the home. It is always recommended that homes in bushfire prone areas protect themselves using adequate gutter guarding to prevent leaf litter build-up.

Once you have been reassured that your chosen roof materials will be safe and efficient, then comes the fun part of choosing the appearance. Being a uniquely Australian company, Colorbond has incorporated elements of the Australian land into its product range. From wildlife to native flora, everything that can be seen in our beautiful country is used as inspiration. Some examples of colours include mangrove, wallaby and dune. These names are more than just a clever marketing strategy. If the colours themselves have been selected from the surrounding conditions, then it makes sense that any home utilising these tones will blend in well with its surrounds. The result of these muted tones is a subtle yet sophisticated statement that is distinctly Australian.

Choose wisely and you will be rewarded with a premium Australian roof. If you are renovating the entire home, then you will be able to select a complete palette from the Colorbond range that complements itself, your neighbours and the environment. Remember that other companies look to Colorbond as the industry standard, so it is highly likely that any other features you will need will work quite nicely with the Colorbond palette. Finally, like any proud Australian, you will be supporting a local business, where products are designed, tested and manufactured in our country. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Coghlan Roofing to discuss your specific Colorbond Roofing Property.


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