Garages and Roomy Carports in Adelaide Are Great for Families With Teenagers

Teenagehood is notorious among parents. Hormones run wild, rebellion is at its peak and technology and friends now seem to outweigh family. The good news is that by putting some serious thought into the design of your property, particularly including versatile Adelaide carports, you can give your teens the space they need at this crucial time.

First and foremost, a carport is for protecting a vehicle. Most 16 or 17 year olds at some point beg their parents for a car, or save up and buy their own. Either way, it is likely that you will soon have an extra vehicle on your hands that needs protecting. Our first car is probably not going to be the latest model Ferrari, but that does not mean that it doesn’t need some regular care and attention. Part of the beauty of owning a first car is that it teaches responsibility, both in driving and also looking after it. You will want your kids to have somewhere that they know is safe for their car to sleep, otherwise all sorts of things could happen on the street. Not only is money for repairs in short supply at this life stage, but we all form that special attachment to our first vehicle, and it would be a shame for something bad to happen.

Carports Adelaide

Next, a garage or carport that is no longer in use makes the perfect space for a teenagers’ retreat or granny flat. Add a small bathroom and maybe a basic kitchen and voilà; you have a totally self-sufficient living space. For parents worrying about empty nesting syndrome, this may be the solution that gives the kids enough space and responsibility that they feel independent without quite leaving the home. Maybe you want to give them a trial of what living out of home is really like before they take the real leap. If you do choose to turn your old garage into this kind of teen dwelling, then it will be a totally blank slate. Invite their input on design and appearances to not only make sure they love the end result, but to enjoy a great family bonding experience in the process. Even if they choose gaudy colours that you can’t stand, it is a breeze to take it back to a neutral state when they do leave. Most teenage retreats include a desk, couch, bar fridge and television. Some are more like a man-cave, complete with pool table and bar. This latter option can work really well if your old garage happens to be in a spot that enjoys some afternoon sun.

One final use for your garage could be a practice space for playing music. It is almost a rite of passage to be in a band when you’re 17. Your child will most likely have chosen the most ear splitting instrument they could think of, such as electric guitar or if you’re really lucky, the drums. Insulation is the absolute most important thing to fit out. It’s expensive if you need to go back and do it later, because all the plastering and decorating has been done. If it’s not done right, it’s not only you that will suffer and complain but your neighbours too.

The extra space that a carport can provide, whether for studying, storage or activities, is very valuable. Emotions can get high in close quarters, and having a bit of space is often all we need to keep harmony in the family. To chat about building or converting your own Old Carports in Adelaide, get in touch with Pergolarific.

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