A Built On Site Tank Offers The Best Deal

For those with limited property access, an onsite rain water tank assembled in Adelaide is the solution. These days, land space on our property is in short supply. Any spare space that there is, is often filled with a carport, pergola or swimming pool in an effort to stack on value to the home. This can make the traditional transport of a premade tank onto your property rather difficult.

Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

The traditional way of bringing a tank onsite is to use heavy lifting machinery. The tank is then lowered onto a per-prepared base. It is essential to spend adequate time and effort in getting this foundation perfect. It needs to be totally level, otherwise when the tank is filled the uneven weight will cause extra strain and pressure. Every 1000 litres of water weighs a tonne, and this does not include the weight of the tank itself. The foundation also needs to be thick and wide enough so that there will never be any unnecessary damage. The base should be a reinforced concrete slab which is at least 100mm thick, and be wider than the tank by 100mm all around. This base preparation is exactly the same when the tank is constructed onsite.

Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

If your access is blocked, then there are two alternatives to building on site, both which have their disadvantages. First of all, you may choose to go with several smaller tanks which together offer the same capacity as the one large tank. In theory this is a good solution, but in reality it will cost far more than the single tank. Not only will the tanks themselves use more material and therefore cost more, but the installation will be more complex, and if anything goes wrong, finding the problem will also likely cost more. One time when this option may be preferable is if you want to have two different classes of water. You might want one tank for drinking water that will need to be thoroughly cleaned and filtered, and another for graywater or watering the garden that doesn’t need so much attention. This way, you don’t have to do as much work on as great a space.

The other alternative is to hire a crane to lift in your large tank. Of course, this is incredibly expensive, and still in some cases the space will be an issue. You might need a spare block next door which is a luxury many cannot afford. As well as distance and cost, there are other obstacles such as trees, power lines and soft ground that make this option unsuitable in a large number of cases.

A built on site tank allows safe transport of all of the tank sheets onto the property. Few businesses offer this, as it involves a separate rolling process at factory level. The installation team only needs the space of a standard doorway as access to your property, meaning if the need be, we are able to come through the house. Once there, we will build your tank from the ground up, just as we would do in our factory. This is the benefit of dealing with a business that both manufactures and installs their own products.

Onsite assembly has the added benefit of being adapted to fit ot your surroundings. For example, many people appreciate that a tank can be hidden from view in a number of creative ways, such as under an existing deck. An onsite team will work with these restrictions on your property, rather than making something offsite which potentially clashes. To discuss a competitive rain water tank quote in Adelaide, contact Taylor Made Tanks.


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