What to do in the middle of a black out in Port Melbourne when you’re waiting for an electrician

What to do in the middle of a black out in Port Melbourne when you’re waiting for an electrician  I still remember a few years ago when my Port Melbourne home was suddenly cast into darkness, and all I wanted was an electrician to help. It was in January in the middle of a heatwave, the night of the Australian Open Men’s final. The match had been much hyped because it was Nadal vs Federer in the midst of Roger’s reign. My family and I had religiously watched every match up to the point, and couldn’t wait to watch the match that would decided not only the Australian Open Men’s final winner, but also the World Number One.

So, sitting glued to the TV in the middle of the exciting third set the electricity suddenly failed. With huge frowns, we were left in our boiling hot family room to await the return of the electricity. My sisters and I ventured outside to see that some lucky neigbhours across the road still had their electricity. However, because we don’t live in Erinsborough like they do on Neighbours, we were hardly going to invite ourselves around.

Rather than being productive, I sat around with my sisters whinging and whining about the electricity being off. I have to admit, I may have kicked something as well. What I found though was focusing on the annoying issue, actually made time go so slowly. Despite the power only taking about 40 minutes to turn back on it seemed like eternity.

Electrician Port Melbourne

That’s why I decided to look into what you can do when there is a black out. Below I’ve shared some activities that will make the time fly, and actually allow you to be productive in your electricity free time.

  1. Get active. With not TV or video games holding you back, take a much needed breath of fresh air, and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer you. If it’s the middle of the night, why not go for a scenic drive, rather than sitting around the house, waiting for the power to return. Remember, a watched kettle never boils, and the same mentality is often the same for blackouts and the power returning.
  2. Get some much-needed R&R. With the lights off an no distractions, it’s the perfect excuse to take a nap. With no work emails to worry about or deadlines to meet, let your mind switch off, and enjoy a relaxing nap.
  3. Remind yourself what it feels like to shuffle real cards, rather than computer ones. Get the candles out and start a game with your family. The time will fly when you are playing your family at Black Jack.
  4. Reacquaint yourself with the landline and call a distant relative you haven’t spoken to for a long time. They will appreciate the call and you will catch up on old times.
  5. With no distractions from social media or the TV, take time out to read a real book. With the aid of candlelight or a flashlight, immerse yourself in the written language. Who knows, you may enjoy yourself so much you don’t want the electricity to turn back on.
  6. Pig out in the food in the fridge. You don’t know how long the black out will go on for, so there’s never been a better excuse to finish off all the good stuff.
  7. Use your time wisely and draft up a chore checklist or shopping list, to make the time fly. It’s a good time to get your thoughts in order, without any distractions.

In the instance where a black out drags on much longer than expected, call an Electrician to Your Port Melbourne Home. A reliable electrician you can trust during a black out is Electricians on Call.


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