Picking the Right Fencing for Your Adelaide Home

When it comes to selecting fencing for your Adelaide property, a lot of things need to be considered. Many households want fencing for a variety of different reasons. Below we have outlined in detail different fencing options for different needs.

Increase privacy
If you are in the pursuit of privacy, a new fence can provide you with just that. You must though consider the designs to ensure adequate protection from prying eyes. A fence that has spaces in between will clearly not give you optimum privacy. Ultimately, a solid fencing material is ideal, however you could try a closely spaced lattice, provided some kind of foliage accompanies it.

When it comes to deciding the height of the fencing, you will have to consider the slope of your property, as well as the neighbouring homes. It’s a good idea to contact your local council to find out if there are any local building codes you have to take into consideration.

Ease of access 
Going gateless seems like a crazy idea, but it’s not when you really think about it. While for some, fencing is required for safety and privacy, many homeowners just want ease of access. To create a great look, fencing professionals will often install several offset fences, which create a path. This design technique conceals the fact that you don’t actually have a gate.

Fencing Adelaide

Stepped design
If you don’t like the idea of having a tall fence that completely blocks out your surroundings, a stepped design may be a better option for you. It allows you to control your privacy levels. For example, in areas you want increased privacy, fencing will be higher and block out views. Then for parts where you don’t need ultra privacy, the fencing can be lower. This creates an attractive design, as well as allows you to choose your privacy levels.

Shield wind
If you are lucky enough to have a roof top patio, it’s important to fence it correctly. You need something that combats the strong winds, whilst not blocking out the view. A perfect fencing option to suit both needs is a glass fence that shields the wind, whilst still letting you enjoy the view. When it comes to selecting the height of the shield wind fence, you must consider what you will be doing on the patio. If you entertain up there, then make sure the fencing is high enough to block wind out of seating areas.

Feel safe and secure
Most households with children want fencing that makes them feel safe and secure. In this case, tall fences of 8 feet and higher are suggested. The fence should feature a locked gate, and be sturdy. Fencing that allows people to grip on to and climb, should be avoided. A good idea is selecting a fence made from flush boards, rather than horizontal rails that can easily be climbed.

Block your unattractive street view
For those who live on a main street, you may feel the need to block out the view. Sometimes you just want a private place, where you and your family can relax, without watching cars and pedestrians speed past. To meet this requirement, fencing doesn’t necessarily have to be manufactured from a solid material. You can in fact select fencing that features small gaps between the boards, as this will allow natural light to flood through.

If you would like to invest in new fencing in Adelaide, talk to the professional team at Fencing World. Visit their website to learn more about their fencing range in Adelaide at http://fencingworld.com.au.


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