The Best Commercial Cleaning for a Professional Garage

Many businesses are discovering that a regular high pressure cleaning service in Adelaide can work wonders for their business. This technique is a fast and cost effective way of thoroughly cleaning vast spaces. It is performed by a trained professional for a small fee, or alternatively machines can be hired or purchased outright for a DIY job.

Weekly of even daily cleaning is an essential part of almost any workplace. Any retail assistant or labourer knows that tidying up takes up a big part of their daily routine. But tidying up is one thing, and getting a through, deep clean in particularly dirty environments is another. Some settings such as factories, stations and automotive garages deal with some serious mess. Garages are perhaps one of the worst. In replacing parts they deal with grease and oil that makes stains and gets over everything. Detailing involves using a number of chemicals, polishes and cleansers. All this and then the place needs to look presentable for when the customer arrives to pick up their car.

Effective cleaning in a professional garage is essential as any remaining dirt and grit can damage the cars under the care of the garage. When cars are being cleaned, any dirt in the environment or in the air risks being trapped between the cloth and the surface, creating fiction and damaging paintwork. On top of this, spills that remain over days create slipping hazards for workers.

High Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

Garages typically have a polished concrete floor. The good news is that this surface is very easy ot clean with the right equipment. It is recommended to use a relatively high pressure machine in this environment, as car grease and oil that has been caked on will not budge under lower pressures. Specifically, anything over 3000 PSI with a water flow rate of 3 GPM or more should be adequate. For particularly stubborn stains that have been on the floor for longer periods, you can talk to your pressure cleaning provider about a helpful chemical treatment that can speed up the cleaning process. An initial coat of degreaser is a handy tip, and auto garages will have this lying around.

A big question that businesses ask themselves is how often a thorough clean like this is required. Of course it depends on the situation of the individual business, and some will need it more frequently than others. A regular service, whether it is weekly or monthly has great benefits. First of all, you will be able to focus on the productivity of your business, rather than getting caught up in time consuming, mundane tasks like cleaning. Second, you will not run the risk of forgetting about these important tasks during busy tasks. Finally, you can schedule a time that is most beneficial to the operation of your business. Perhaps you are closed on weekends and so a clean here would be the perfect fresh start for the week ahead. Perhaps you receive your new deliveries on Thursdays and so want to clean the factory floor before accepting the shipment. A regular service will always put your appointment first and be able to work conveniently around your needs.

There are features of the pressure washer that need professionals to perfect. The nozzle and pressure rating will determine the best possible clean with minimal effort. Automotive garages may know how to clean cars, but they can benefit from leaving it to the professionals to clean their floors. Get in touch with SA Sweepers and Scrubbers learn more about the Effective High Pressure Cleaning Equipment in Adelaide that is available.

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