How to Update Older Verandahs Styles in Adelaide for a Fresh and Functional space

Adelaide is home to a large number of bungalows and villas, two styles which commonly have a large, wrap around verandah. While this traditional undercover space is an advantage, many modern homeowners are looking for ways to reinterpret their traditional verandahs space in Adelaide. A modern approach does not necessary mean metal and glass, and in fact an updated touch can be successfully added to the most old-fashioned of homes. The two dominant trends are either to open the space up or close it in.

Opening the space up involves treating a verandah more like a deck, something that connects the indoor to the outdoor. It can be a place of entertainment, especially if there is not much of a yard or you want to leave the garden as lush and thriving as possible. Some simple outdoor furniture is often enough, although some families are choosing to install a complete outdoor kitchen. This will of course be more of a renovation than a simple design update, and there must be adequate ceiling height for ventilation. Instead of a rail or balustrade at the edge of the old verandah, consider a low, wide bench that serves as extra seating and helps to keep the area open.

Enclosing a verandah is perhaps not such an obvious choice, but it does make great sense. While a verandah is airy and light, and a great feature on a home, it could be argued that an extra room in the home would prove more valuable. The result is a long and skinny sunroom. Most Verandahs in Adelaide are designed for sitting under to shelter from the afternoon or morning sun. The edge of the verandah therefore receives an abundance of natural sunlight, something that is highly sought after in bedrooms and studies.  Other may choose to turn this space into a luxury walk in wardrobe or sunny en suite. Perhaps a light filled play room for young children.

Verandahs Adelaide

There is too an ‘in between’ option, which offers homeowners more privacy without completely cutting off the airy openness of the outdoors. Consider plenty of hanging plants or a climbing vine to introduce some obscurity from the street. A partial screen, perhaps timber or iron, can also work to the same effect. You will be able to see out, while others cannot see in. It offers light and privacy and is not claustrophobic, especially in smaller spaces.

For the perfect backyard sanctuary, a hammock or hanging chair can be the idyllic addition. Some large, leafy pot plants are the quick way to inject an atmosphere of simplicity and serenity. Whether closed in or simply sheltered, a verandah offers valuable protection from the elements. Storage is a big part of design for these areas. Features such as benches that double as chests, and clever use of cabinets in outdoor kitchens are areas that should be considered carefully. Just as housing facades change over the years, styles of verandahs too go in and out of style. Choose something understated and classic, with surface elements that can be changed with your tastes and the style of the era.

The next time that you would like to quickly and affordably update your home, consider adding a personal flourish to your verandah. Whether you intend to add new tiles, completely close it in to an indoor room or simply play around with the style, our experts can be of assistance. Chat to our specialist verandahs team in Adelaide at Pergolarific on to discuss what is possible.


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